Earthquake / Hurricane / Storm Essentials

The items shown in this category are recomended as practical home, office or school  preparations for the aftermath of Hurricanes, Earthquakes and Storms. Often power and water supplies are disrupted in the hours and days following any natural disaster. A safe water supply, emergency food, cooking and heating power or fuel, and the ability to hear emergency communications are essential to survival in the disaster aftermath.  Be Prepared with these items.

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Emergency Survival Kit - 1 Person for 3 Days

Product Code: ESK-02

Price: $39.50

Shipping: $5.95

Contains over 40 items including food ration, water, emergency blanket, flashlight, cold pack, Wallace Guidebook and medical supplies.
General Survival Items
Cold pack
Disposal flashlight
Emergency blanket
Food rations
Wallace Guidebook
Water rations
Medical Items
Moist towelettes
Plastic strip bandages
Sterile gauze pads
Adhesive tape strips
Alcohol preps
Bacitracin zinc ointment
Aspirin tablets (5 grains each)