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Waterwise Model 1600 Non-Electric Water Distiller/Purifier

Waterwise Model 1600 Non-Electric Water Distiller/Purifier

Product Code: WW1600

Price: $387.00

Shipping: $14.95

An all stainless steel distiller designed to consistently and effectively provide pure steam distilled water . Light weight and portable, it is suitable for travel, camping, or any emergency situation. The Waterwise  distiller works with standard household electricity or in the event electricity is unavailable, the Waterwise can be used as a stove top distiller, or with any alternative heat source hot enough to boil water.  
The model 1600 can distill up to 16 gallons of purified water in a day in continuous operation or smaller amounts with shorter periods of use, depending on your needs. The distiller comes with 3 feet of high temperature collection tubing which allows you to route distilled water to the a variety of collection vessels,
including directly into water bottles. 
Easy to clean with no moving parts, the durable unit is fully portable with dual fuel capabilities. A countdown digital timer is included for trouble-free monitoring.     
12" H X 12" D, weighs 9 lbs.    2 year manufacturer's warranty.