Steam Distiller

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Stationary Steam Water Distiller

Stationary Steam Water Distiller

Product Code: WW7024

Price: $1,550.00

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Ideal for larger  home water users or medical/industrial applications where a supply of purified water is regularly needed.   
Durable stainless steel water distiller which produces up to 9 gallons of distilled water per day and stores 
purified water  in a selectable 3, 8, or 12 gallon reservoir, which is automatically refilled. Fully automatic start, fill and shutoff, with only one simple water supply connection needed.  Each model has front and side tap positions for greater flexability with stainless steel construction. 1200 watts of heating power.  
Please specify your choice of standard 3 gallon reservoir or optional 8 or 12 gallon resovoir at time of ordering. Standard model distiller ( 3 gallon) 17" X 11" X 42", weighs 44 lbs.