Basic Survival Rain Water Filter System

by J Galante

The instructions on the following page for the "Basic Survival Rain Water Filter System" contains three pictures (30K, 31K, 27K) and may be slow to load, so be advised before proceeding.

The information was relieved by J Galante while in a meditative state. She says, "About ten days ago we did a session for Earth Changes, since we both know they are a looming reality...I meditated as often as possible the day after that session, and to my joy, almost immediately a specific piece of information came flooding into my mind, with clear details. This information was for a `back to basics rainwater filter system'... Since we knew we would soon need it, we have been buying bottled water to store, but it is impossible to store more than a couple of weeks worth, it just isn't feasible!...I quickly sketched what I was shown by my heavenly helper, and began to scour our local discount stores to see if it could be put together for a fairly reasonable sum...I feel it was a gift from God, and meant to help as many people as are interested in trying it."

J Galante, PO Box 14220, Austin, TX 78761

The information shown above was furnished by J Galante and make available by B&A Products. However, B&A takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information or the ability of the above shown filter to thoroughly filter or purify rain water. Please note that this is for rain water only, and this does not include any form of ground water (creeks, lakes, etc). This is provided for information only.

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Original date: August 24, 1997
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