Katadyn HFSK Standard Household Water Filter

The Katadyn Gemini (previously the CFS Chlorinex Filter System) is a two stage water filter designed to be permanently mounted under the sink. The Gemini consists of two stages of treatment in three phases. Phase 1 is a coarse filter which traps dirt and rust particles. Phase 2 (Stage 1) removes chlorine and other chemicals using an activated carbon element. Phase 3 (Stage 2) traps bacteria using the Katadyn 0.2 micro porous ceramic filter cartridge. This eliminates pathogenic bacteria.

The filter system is connected to the cold water system under the sink. The system has an infeed for unfiltered mains water and an outfeed for which the dechlorinated, filtered and purified water flows.

The service life of the activated carbon element is approximately 6 months and the service life of the ceramic element is 2-3 years. Both can be purchased separately from B&A Products.



Katadyn HFSK Standard Household Water Filter

Product Code: 1146

Price: $229.50

Shipping: $5.95

Katadyn no longer offers the under sink design filter for sale in North America.  B & A will assemble the filter from new genuine Katadyn aftermarket parts, which remain available to us for sale. Therefore, we still offer the under sink filter model equivalent to the Katadyn HFSK, assembled from aftermarket Parts as our product # 1146..
The Katadyn (HFSK) ( #1146) is designed to be installed in the piping in an under the sink application. Like manyl Katadyn products, it incorproates a repalceable microporous ceramic filter than protects against all forms of bacteria and anything bigger than 0.2 micron. The Standard one element version can be installed in any position. Size: height is 13" x width of 4-3/4". Output is up to 5 pints per minute depending on the water pressure available.
The assembled  product includes one standard Superdyn Carbon Ceramic Filter element( #1143) installed.   The replaceable element's estimated life is 6 to 9 months under normal use. The element will filter water for to improved taste and odor, and will effectively remove Chrolorine and all kinds of bacteria & Protozoa, Heavy Metals Chemicals and Rust. 
Assembled and shipped within one week.    

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