Mary Day 2002 at Lake Tenkiller

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Mary Day 2002 setting spinning sun Mary Day 2002 Annie and area where she saw in her minds eye Mary Day 2002 with face in the clouds Mary Day 2002 details of face in clouds
Setting sun over
Lake Tenkiller
Annie Face in the clouds at
sunset Aug 15, 2002
Face in the clouds
This is our usual picture of the sun above the western shore of Lake Tenkiller as viewed from Cherokee Landing State Park. Again this year most of those attending could see the sun spinning. This was taken about 7:30 to 8:00 PM. Annie sensed and could see with her mind's eye Mary, Jesus and Joseph to her right and asked me to take this picture of that area toward the trees. Others said they could see a yellow glow in that area. Shortly before the sun set I noticed a rough face in the clouds and I mentioned it to the group. Annie couldn't see it until I took a picture and showed it to her on the digital camera playback. It may be stretching to call it a face, but here it is as we saw it. This is a closeup version that I pulled from the picture on the left. On it I've marked the eyes, mouth, chin, hairline, etc.

Face in clouds
Mary Day 1993

This year we again met to celebrate Mary Day at Tenkiller Lake, here in beautiful Northeastern Oklahoma. As many of you know, Annie asked and prays for a cool, beautiful day -- and what's more, this year she got it! This may not sound too unusual, but we had been having a hot, dry streak, as has many parts of the country. Then for several days prior and up to the 14th, it had been raining something fierce. Some areas around us were said to have gotten up to seven inches of rain. On the morning of the 15th the sun came and went, taunting us and worrying the worry wart--Annie. It turned out to be one of the most pleasant Mary's Days we can remember.

Being a mid-week day our group was small this year. Many called and emailed that they couldn't come this year, but would join us in prayer and meditation in their own areas. We did, however, have one lady travel to join us from Kansas and a couple came from Arkansas. Everyone else were locals, including a few new people to join us.

Annie did get a message while meditating at the lake and her dear friend Nancy Kingfisher took notes. Nancy told me it was the first time she had brought a note book to Mary Day and didn't know why she was bringing it. Now we know! Here's the message:

August 15, 2002
Received at Lake Tenkiller

You my faithful children, who have gathered on this day to honor me, will be blest in ways that are beyond your imagination.

Open your hearts to allow the love which I have for you to fill your life. The days are trying, the challenges are many but rely and trust in God, who is ever giving you good. Times are changing so quickly you often do not notice the changes.

Pray for Gods Truth to come into every part of this world. Pray for God to free humanity from its own self. Keep the faith. Stay close to God.I thank you for listening to my request. My love is ever present.

Mary, Mother of Jesus.

As I watched the sun spin and change colors, I began to receive snippets of information. The following is what I received.

At this point I closed my eyes and saw in my mind's eye a reddish, purple bar, like a mark to strike out something. Later, I felt that as we follow the following directions we will be striking out karmic stuff. In my minds eye I saw a large flour sifter shaking dry ingredients. These were my perceptions of what that meant.
As we mentioned above, others gathered in their areas to celebrate Mary Day, many of these people have joined us in the past. Here's the message from one such group in Dallas:

Thank you, Byron, for the Mary Day information.

We had a cool, light wind, and beautiful evening at our White Rock Lake. Six of us gathered to share Reiki healings at 4:00, then headed to the lake around 7. As all of us offered Reiki Energy for the healing of our Planet and her people, we saw the lovely pinks, magentas, blues and golds as the sun did its magnificent dance. As we headed home, I spotted a large cloud in a vertical vortex; we slowed down and I saw it was Mary with her arms raised as in a V shaped prayer position. Arms reaching upward. It was her form and grace I felt and recognized, not distinct features. This is the way I've experienced her before. Her message to us was: "I join your group in prayer for the Earth and all her people, and all beings. I am grateful for your efforts." This vortex cloud remained in the sky even after we reached home.

For all my friends, this was their first Mary Day experience. I had told them that sometimes phenomena happens, but the main reason for going to the lake was to join our intentions with yours in praying for harmony, balance, peace and compassion. And Mary choose to bless us with the "extras". We had a meaningful closure with song, prayer and our desire to meet once a month, bringing a friend to join the group, and continue praying together.

When I saw the pictures on the website, I felt an instant pang of really missing being with you, but understood I was to be here for many reasons, among them sharing a very special evening with my friends, and you--in intention.

Much love to you and Annie,

Sally K, Dallas

Sally contributed a poem (Sun Dance) she wrote about her experiences on Mary Day 1997.
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Previous face in the clouds from August 15, 1993

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