New Products at B&A Products B-A 10th Anniversary

New Products from B&A Products

Here's a list of new products we are now carrying at B&A Products.
This list will be updated as new products are introduced. Bookmark this page and check 'em out!

Medic-Surgical Instrument Kit (Sept 14, 2002)
Lightwave rugged and powerful LED flashlights (July 29, 2002)
Mayday Industries Deluxe Office Emergency Kits (5, 10, 20 person) (July 28, 2002)
Waterwise electric and non-electric water distillers (July 3, 2002)
WaterSafe Drinking Water Test Kit -- all in one test kit (June 18, 2002)
Book: Nuclear War Survival Skills by Cresson Kearny (April 9, 2002)
Digital Volt Meter (DVM) 3-1/2 digit (March 29, 2002)
RespAide CPR Isolation Mask (March 27, 2002)
BatterySAVER 5 Watt solar trickle charger (March 26, 2002)
Audio adapters (stereo and mono; DIN, XLR, RCA, 1/8", 1/4") (March 25, 2002)
PUR Microfilters: Hiker and Guide. Popular outdoor water filters (March 23, 2002)
Volt-Ohm-Meters (test equipment) (Feb 15, 2002)
JACO Fire Rated Caulks and Sealants (Feb 14, 2002)
Swith & Wesson professional flashlights: anodized aluminum and heavy duty rubber flashlights (Feb 13, 2002)
ExitairBio Pocket Smoke Escaping Hood (Jan 26, 2002)
RoadPro AC/DC 4 Amp 12-volt Power Converter (Jan 21, 2002)
Solar and Crank Flashlight (Jan 9, 2002)
Portable Companion Propane Heater for use indoors or outside (Dec 12, 2001)
Solar Rechargeable Emergency Lantern with AM/FM radio (Sept 10, 2001)
Exstream Water Technologies' water type water purifiers (Aug 13, 2001)
Pyramid 12 VDC power supplies (June 28, 2001)
ANTENEX VHF and UHF antennas and mounts (June 19, 2001)
RELM 2-way VHF & UHF portable and mobile radios (June 18, 2001)
Raine nylon cases for radios, pagers, cell phones and EMT equipment (June 14, 2001)
4-in-1 S.O.S. Emergency Hammer (May 3, 2001)
Solar panel, 12 VDC 1000mA (April 12, 2001)
Otter watertight boxes (Feb 22, 2001)
Soltronix Solar Rechargeable AM/FM Headset Radio (Feb 6, 2001)
One Flush: Septic & Plumbing Energizer Concentrate (by Pro-Lab) (Jan 31, 2001) is a completely new web page domain with supplies
for First Responders, EMTs and other emergency responders (Jan 25, 2000)
Test Kits for Home and Office (for: asbestos, lead, water, radon, etc) (Jan 5, 2001)
Books: Camino by Shilrey MacLaine and A Promise is a Promise by Dr Wayne Dyer (Nov 12, 2000)
RF Coax Connectors and Adapters (for hams, CBers, police/fire scanners, etc) (Nov 1, 2000)
New camping items from Coghlan: Waterproof Headlight, 12-in-1 Scissors,
Emergency Bag, Stretch Cords, 4-Way Cycle Stretch Cord, Utility Straps (Sept 16, 2000)
Stansport Cots: Folding Cot and Big 'OL Cot (Sept 12, 2000)
Atwater Carey first aid accessories: dental refill module, CPR life mask, and SAM splint (Aug 11, 2000)
Air-Aid Mask - protect yourself against anthrax, poisonous gas,
biological attacks, smoke, toxic chemicals, etc (July 10, 2000)

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B-A 10th Anniversary
B&A has been in business since 1992
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