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Air-Aid Mask  
Product Code: 1119 
Emergency mask for anthrax, poisonous gas, biological attacks, smoke and fire, radioactive materials, and Flu Virus in Particulates

The Air-Aid Mask protects you from noxious odors, chemicals, paint odors, and communicable diseases. Use it while spraying with chemicals in the garden, painting, or cleaning with strong household products.
The Air-Aid Mask was designed by a Professional Chemical Engineer that has worked as an expert in biological and chemical warfare. It uses proven technology with both bacterial and activated carbon filter stages.
In the case of a biological or poisonous gas attack, the Air-Aid Mask can provide the first line of defense for those of us who don't happen to have a respirator, gas mask, or SCBA airpack immediately available. The Air-Aid Mask can provide a stopgap measure to give you the extra time to exit the contaminated area. It is small and flexible enough to carry in a woman's purse, fit in a man's inside suit pocket, or to store in an office desk, car glove compartment, or any handy location. Shipped in a flat plastic package 4" x 8" x approximately 1/8" thick. Storage shelf-life is indefinite if left in sealed package.
Emergency responders (police, firemen, EMTs, etc) should have one or more of these as a minimum defense against airborne agents. Every office, school, day-care center, hospital, or other institution needs a supply of these for their employees, students, customers, or patients. Purchase at least a five pack to have one or more in your car, home, and office for yourself and your family.
There's nothing else like this on the market, considering its size, weight, price and capability
Directions: Remove mask from package. Place mask on face with metallic strip over nose, pinching to form an air tight seal. Place the elastic loops over both ears. Used Air-Aid Mask can be discarded in household or office trash.
Disclaimer: The Air-Aid Mask should provide protection under normal conditions all day. In high concentration conditions, the Air-Aid Mask may provide protection for a shorter period of time. The Air-Aid Mask is not intended for long term use. Anyone purposefully entering a dangerous contaminated area should use a respirator or SCBA airpack as a minimum.
Answers to some frequently asked questions: The shelf life is ten years plus (if left in the sealed plastic package).
The mask is a standard welded fabric medical mask that has an advanced activate carbon filter added.
The mask has been tested with agents OC, CS, CN and numerous organic chemical vapors, including organo-phoshates.
Its efficiency is about 95%, while a respirator is about 99.9%.
1-9 10 + 100 +
$3.50   $3.25   $3.00  
Shipping: $5.95


Face Mask/ Respirator- N95 - Particulate Mask  
Product Code: CM-42C 
N95 Rated barrier mask for protection from air borne particles. Adjustable plastic nosepiece for snug fit, latex-free headband, smooth lining contour design. National Iinstitute of Safety and Health approved. 
Available individually or in box of 20 masks.  Please indicate your selection of quantity when ordering.
Price: $1.95
Shipping: $5.95

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Potomac Emergency Escape Mask ( Biologicals)  
Product Code: MDEE13 
Certified protection from biological and chemical agents, inluding Anthrax, Cyanide, Sarin and Smallpox.  Ultra compact design, fits in a purse, breifcase or car pocket. Essential personal emergency protection for urban terror threats.  
Price: $164.50
Shipping: $5.95

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Particulate respirator Mask N95  
Product Code: 8511 
General use particulate respirator mask.  Protects the nose mouth  and airways against air borne particulates such as virus( Including Bird Flu) in airborne particulates.  The mask is being used widely for protection against Avian flu, Bird tuberculosis and SARS.
The mask is soft against the face with an adjustable nose clip and straps for a close comfortable fit. Built-in one way exhalation valve allows easy exhalation and cooler, dry comfort.  Filters to N95 Standards.   
1-5 6-9 10 +
$2.95   $2.75   $2.50  
Shipping: $5.95

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Displaying 1 through 4 of 4 products.


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