Portawattz PowerPAC

The Portawattz PowerPAC is lightweight, portable backup power system providing up to 300 watts of 115 VAC (household type) power and/or 12 Volts DC at up to 12 amps. It includes an 18 amp-hour sealed lead acid battery and a modified sine wave AC inverter. It weights 18 lbs and measures 6" x 9.4" x 12.5". It has a high power DC connector to allow you to jump start your car. The battery can be recharged using the AC charger, you can charge it from your vehicle as you drive or from a generator equipped with a 12 volt battery charging outlet. A unregulated 12 volt PV solar panel can also be used to recharge the battery. As an example, a 3 amp panel will charge the PowerPAC in about 8 hours of direct sunlight.

By connecting the PowerPAC to a larger, external battery you can get extended operating times. As an example, if connected to a 60 amp-hour battery you achieve about 4 times the operating time of the PowerPAC's internal battery.

The AC outlet can be used to power lights, TVs (up to 27"), VCRs, portable stereos, clock radios, laptop computers, printers, cell phones, power drills, camcorders, portable coolers, electronic cash registers, CD players, electric fans, electric shavers, curling irons, short wave radios, soldering irons, and much more (run times vary depending of the load).  

Duracell Powerpak 300

Duracell Powerpak 300

Product Code: 5250-300

The Duracell Powerpack is easy to use and ready when you need it eith portable emergency power to jump-start vehicles or inflate tires in roadside emergencies, Features a detachable ultra bright led flashlight to assist in power outage emergencies. This unit  also provides 300 watts of portable AC household type power to operate small appliances or to recharge electronics.  The Duracell Powerpack keeps you prepared anytime or anywhere with portable back-up power.

Powerpack configuration includes detachable LED cordless flashlight, Jump-start cable and clips, reverse polarity detector and overload and over-temperature protection for longer life. Rechargeable with a/c power cord plug-in adapter included.

The Powerpack 300 provides 300 watt peak output, 240 watt continuous output.  12 month manufacturer's limited warranty.  17 lbs. 

Also available in 600 watt and 1800 Watt output 

600 Watt output as follows:

Stand-alone portable power with 3 AC outlets, 1 DC outlet & 2 USB ports. Powered by SLA battery - no plugging in required. Includes jump cables & LED light. Use as an alternative to a generator, or use while camping, on the road or during power outages.

1800 Watt output as follows:

Emergency power for home/office. Provides backup power during an outage so devices plugged into one of the 5 AC outlets won't lose power. Works with fridge, TV, computer, garage door & other appliances. Will supply 10 hrs backup power & 1.5 hrs run time.



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