Ready Reserve Foods Sample Case

This sample case contains six #2-1/2 cans with the following:
  • Mountain stew (non-meat)
  • Stroganoff casserole (non-meat)
  • Butter powder
  • Fruit cocktail
  • Potato Granules
  • Applesauce mix
  • 6 lids for #2-1/2 cans


Long Shelf Life Food Sample Case

Long Shelf Life Food Sample Case

Product Code: RR-SMP2

Price: $59.50

Shipping: $5.95

A sample case of Ready reserve long shelf life dehydrated food items.  The case contains 6 - #2 1/2 cans of fruit, casseroles, stew, potatoes and butter. Just add water to the amount you wish to use. 

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