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The Monthly Case

This is an affordable way to buy a year's supply of long shelf-life food for one person (or 3 months for four people), one case per month. The 12th case is already paid for in the original payment. The first shipment is in 2 boxes (now 1 box). The first box contains the food portion in #2-1/2 cans and will feed one person for 12 days (or 4 people for 3 days). The second box contains miscellaneous items. Cases 2 to 12 are comprised of #10 cans, 6 per case. Shipments are made freight collect to minimize freight charges. (List completely revised Feb 7, 1998)

The Monthly Case - a Year supply for one person, or three months for four people.

For more information about The Monthly Case program contact B&A.

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Original date: July 20, 1997
Last updated: March 15, 1998
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