Solar Panel 12 VDC 1000mA

12 VDC 1000mA solar (photovoltaic) panel. Has clip-on leads for easy attachment to a 12 VDC battery. An internal blocking diode prevents battery discharging at night. Mounted in an aluminum frame with mounting lugs. Ideal for charging 12 volt batteries.

Size is 17-3/4" x 15-1/8" x 1", and weighs 4.5 pounds. Power ratings: Voc=17.5 volts, Isc=1000mA (full sunlight), P=17 watts.

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Solar Panel 30 Watt 18 Volt  
Product Code: TGM1000 

A rugged outdoor solar module of impact resistant glass surface with robust anodized aluminum frame that  can easily mount using the optional universal mounting kit in horizontal (Roof), Vertical ( Wall) or Pole Mounting  configurations.See Mounting Kit Item HPM-1830. The panel includes 15 foot UV resistant output cable and weather proof junction box. Annodized aluminum frame offers full protection for years of use.   Size 26.2" X 16.2" X 1.31".  Weighs 8.5 Lbs. CE Certified. 


Excellent for remote telemetry, security monitoring, fence charger, and general battery charging applications.

Price: $139.95
Shipping: $5.95

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Displaying 1 through 1 of 1 products.


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