Air-Raid Emergency Mask Testimonials

16 March 2002
To Whom it May Concern:

I first was introduced to the Emergency Air Aid Mask around mid-August 2001. Brent Anderson, the developer, had invited me over to his house to see it, and discuss applications to the gardening industry. It so happened that our area had been hit with a large number of forest and range fires making the air extremely smokey. As I walked the two blocks from Brent�s home to mine, I thought this would be a perfect time to see if this mask really worked. I put it on and immediately noticed how well it fit, and how comfortable it was to wear. Breathing through it was so easy and unrestrictive that I literally forgot I had it on. When I reached my front steps I took it off and immediately smelled the heavy smell of smoke in the air. I realized that I had walked the last two blocks not smelling the strong campfire smell that I now was experiencing. The mask had worked very effectively in a totally unplanned test.

The next occasion to test it came when I called on one of my garden store customer who earlier in the day had the misfortune of breaking a bottle of malathion insecticide. I had done the same thing about fifteen years ago and could still remember that unpleasant pungent odor. After talking with them, I remembered I had a mask in my truck. I quickly put it on and spent several minutes in the area where the bottle had broken. It completely filtered out the smell of the malathion.

I have since sold a quantity of masks for use in all aspects of gardening, from protection while spraying pesticides, to protecting against dust from unloading hay. In November I had a report of a customer using the mask successfully to protect against allergy symptoms she normally experienced when unloading a truckload of cut Christmas trees.

A great feature I see with the mask is its convenience and ease of use. I own a respirator, but after using it twice, it has sat unused, on the shelf, for about the past ten years. I know I�ll be wearing an Emergency Air Aid Mask this season whenever I�m spraying or dusting with pesticides or fertilizing the lawn. A side note: My family spends time riding dirt-bikes and four-wheelers, and in the summer I have used a bandanna over my nose and mouth to protect against dust. I look forward to using the mask in this application also.


Bruce Cotton-Betteridge

26 March 2002
To Whom It May Concern: an allergy sufferer and active ATV enthusiast, I�ve searched for some type of device to filter out the dust when riding my ATV. Last summer I tried the Air-Aid Emergency Mask. I wore the mask while riding behind 4 other ATV�s on a dusty mountain path. The mask was so light and unobtrusive I didn�t even think about having it on. After riding for several miles the group stopped in a mountain meadow. I removed my mask and suddenly inhaled the scent of pine trees, meadow grasses, flowers, hot engines and dust. I hadn�t noticed the dust or other odors while wearing the mask. Wearing the mask while riding my ATV has made a positive difference for me and has improved the quality of my riding experience.

Craig Turner

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