Nuwick Candles

Nuwick Candles
These are unique candles employing a moveable, re-useable wick. You can use a single wick, 2 or 3 at a time. By using the additional wicks you increase the light and heat output for cooking and light for reading, etc. Only two wicks are normally used for cooking. As an example you boil water in 14 minutes, or fry an egg in 5 minutes. They use specially formulated paraffin that exceeds the purity of ordinary candles. They are fully FDA approved (food grade) and are non-toxic.
They are available in two sizes, the 44-hour (8 oz) and the 120-hour (15 oz). Each unit includes the moveable wicks, tweezers (to move the wicks) and matches.
They are ideal for emergencies, backpacking, camping, expeditions, hunting and fishing, and boating/RVs.
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