When installed properly in the feedline, the ANTENEX ® TRAPPER™ lightning arrester can prevent costly repairs to sensitive radio equipment due to high energy transients during lightning strikes. The TRAPPER limits surges to less than 45 volts in approximately 100 nanoseconds. A gas discharge tube changes from an open circuit to a short circuit in the presence of energy and voltage surges giving those surges a direct path to ground, thus protecting equipment.

TRAPPER is designed with a rugged, gold plated anodized housing with high quality plated brass "N" connectors and a user replaceable gas discharge tube (LA350GT). The TRAPPER comes in two models; the LABH350 which allows for bulkhead mounting and connector pass-through, and the LAIL350 which allows in-line placement.

Technical Data - Product Features & Information
Breakdown voltage: 1000 watts - P.E.P. 0-1000MHz
Maximum power: 350 VAC
Impedance: 50 ohms
Insertion loss: 27-500 MHz < 0.1 dB
1000 MHz < 0.25 dB
VSWR: 0-150 MHz < 1.1:1
150-1000 MHz < 1.2:1
Protection: 5000 amps

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Product Code: LABH350NN

Price: $65.00



Product Code: LAIL350NN

Price: $79.16



Product Code: LA350GT

Price: $10.75


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