Test Kits for Your Home and Office

Test Kits for Your Home and Office

There may be potential hazards to your health in your home or office that you may be completely unaware of. Environmental health hazards like asbestos, mold and mildew, radon gas, carbon monoxide, lead and poor water quality can present very serious risks to you and your loved ones. Protect them by accurately testing for these dangers with the reliable Pro-Lab test kits.

Note 1: Lab analysis fee (performed by EPA recognized laboratories).
Note 2: New Jersey residents must add an additional $10 for the NJ Department of Environmental Protection Agency's administrative costs.
Note 3: Express service is available for real estate transactions for an additional $15 fee. Details included with kit.

Lead in Water

Product Code: LW107

Price: $10.00

Shipping: $5.95

This is an EPA approved laboratory test that will accurately and reliably test your water for lead contamination to 1 ppb (part per billion) content providing a professional lab report within two weeks of receipt of your test sample.

  • Plastic non-breakable test tube
  • Protective mailing tube
  • Pre-paid postage envelope
  • Information form