KFM Radiation Meter Components Pack

Product Code: P70

Price: $10.95

Shipping: $5.95

All components necessary to make a radiation measuring device except an empty beverage can used as the  housing are incuded in the Kearny fallout meter pack. . The KFM (Kearny Fallout Meter) is for measuring dose rates from 30 mR/hr (0.03 R/hr) up to 43 R/hr. This simple instrument has undergone rigorous scientific testing in several laboratories, including the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Reliable and available today, a KFM is charged electrostatically--no battery is needed. Size 3" diameter, 3-1/4" height.
Everything you need is included except an empty soda can which you must provide and you must assemble the compnents provided.  No pre-assembled parts are incuded.  Assembly instructions are available at WWW.OISM.ORG.