Outdoor Environmental/VIP Protection - 1 Person for 6 Days or 2 People for 3 Days

Product Code: PSP-01

Price: $289.00

Shipping: $5.95

Contains over 100 emergency items including, water, and medical supplies. Ideal for those who travel. The perfect support system when emergency services are curtailed.
General Survival Items:
AM/FM radio with batteries, Pencil and paper combo, Bicarbonate of soda, Playing cards, Candles, Pliers, Carrying case, Rope, Duct tape, Screwdriver, Emergency blankets, Survival knife kit, Emergency flares, Tissue packs, Firesticks, Usage cards, Flashlights with batteries, Utility bags, Food rations, Water purification tablets, Infectious waste bags, Water rations, Matches, Water container, Mirror, Whistle, Work gloves
Medical Items
Adhesive bandages, Gauze roll, Adhesive tape, Instant cold pack, Alcohol preps, Mouthwash, Anti-diarrhea tablets, Sanitary pads, Aspirin, Scissors, Dust masks Splints, Elastic bandages, Tongue depressors, Emergency manual, Toothache kit, First aid cream, Towlettes, Gauze pads, Tweezers