PRI Fuel Preserver and Restorer, 32 oz.

Product Code: PRI-G

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Few people are aware that gasoline has a relatively short storage life. Over time, chemical components within gasoline fuels begin to polymerize--that is, small particles in the fuel begin to form combinations that are larger and harder to burn and eventually thicken into a gel and then into sludge impossible for engines to use.

There are speciality products on the market which are somewhat successful at inhibiting sludge formation in short term storage. Others may also boost octane and disburse water but cannot come close to the enhancement properties of PRI

PRI takes several steps forward in technology, resulting in a superior product which cleans fuel injectors and plugs at the same time as promoting complete combustion (increased fuel efficiency) plus fuel economy.

Having PRI in your fuel with every day use, you experience great acceleration--horsepower--with no pinging. PRI not only stabilizes gasoline for years (requires periodic retreatment) but also can revitalize old fuel while inhibiting corrosion and disperse water. To use, add 1 ounce of PRI to 16 gallons of fuel.
This one quart bottle treats 512 gallons of fuel.