Drinking Water Tablets

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A must on all trips for emergency disinfection of drinking water. 50 tablets in each bottle. Two tablets will disinfect approximately one quart of water. Ideal for emergency organizations, military, campers, hikers, or anyone that would need to drink water of uncertain bacteriological quality. Shelf life for unopened bottle is three years.
Directions for using: Add 2 tablet to 1 quart or liter of water.
Leave water container cap loose to allow a little leakage.
Wait 3 minutes.
Shake thoroughly so that a little water leaks out and rinses the screw threads (of a canteen).
Then tighten cap.
Wait 10 minutes before drinking.
Recap tablet bottle tightly.
Keep tablets dry.
Note: If water is very cold or contains rotten leaves or is dirty and discolored, use 2 tablets. Wait 20 minutes before drinking.
(The active ingredient is tetraglycine hydroperiodide.)