I Am America Six Map Scenario (U.S.-map)

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The original I Am America Map shows the United States after the Earth Changes and the birth of the Golden Age, now you can learn how the changes could progress during the time to come!

Many people have asked, how could this happen?

The 6-Map Scenario shows and tells the story of the prophesied progression of Earth Changes in the United States. (Note: Map #5 shows more drastic changes than the I Am America Map).

Six different scenarios map Earth Changes Progressions and prophetic possibilities during the Time of Changes. The 6-Map Scenario contains new information from the Ascended Masters that contains:

  • The Galactic Web
  • Polar Shifts
  • Vortexes & Golden Cities
  • The New Grand Canyon
  • The New Costal Cities
  • Changes in Flora, Fauna & Humanity
  • The Earth's Grid & Planetary Ascension
  • Six Mystic Messages For Positive Global Change
  • Specific prophecies for every region of the United States (ex: Texas, Florida, California, Louisiana, Missouri, the northwest, east coast, etc)
The 6-Map Scenario is a unique full color door poster, 19" x 62", and is shipped to you in a sturdy cardboard mailing tube.