Mary's Message of Love

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To first learn to forgive and love oneself unconditionally is not easy. This lesson must be learned before it can be applied to family, friends, and humanity as a whole. To illustrate the commitment it takes, Annie Kirkwood, known and loved by millions as Mary's Messenger, reveals highly personal and sensitive life issues that she and her family worked to heal.

In the first half of Mary's Message of Love, Annie speaks frankly using the structure of her Love/Forgiveness workshop as a framework. She gives specific examples of how she and family members used all the aspects of forgiveness and unconditional love to heal issues involving drug addiction, phobias, physical disabilities, birth defects, panic attacks, and childhood abuse. Together they also examined the effects of personal and societal myths, and various misconceptions about what love is.

After Mother Mary urged Annie to write about this topic, she started supplying new, unpublished messages about unconditional love. The second half of the book is to you from Her. She gives specific examples of what love is and is not. In her ever gentle and loving way, she urges us to find heaven within by devoting time every day to meditation and prayer, She urges us to love God by recognizing Him in ourselves and in every person.

When you change from a person who harbors fear and anger, to one who is forgiving by nature and loving by instinct, then you are doing more to promote peace on earth than all the peace conferences ever held.
--Mary, Mother of Jesus
Here is a message from the heart, crowned by the jewel of simplicity. In reading these inspiring words, my heart is touched by the vision and kindness of the message. If we practiced the simple loving precepts in this book, the world would be a more beautiful and peaceful place.
--Alan Cohen