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The New Madrid run (Resig)

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Another exciting fictional story with an Earth changes theme. If you've read Living is Forever, Blindsided and/or Lucifer's Hammer and enjoyed, then here's another adventure. Now the story line:

Travis Christian, owner of Island Air Charters in the Florida Keys, has miraculously survived nature's initial onslaught.

As he faces the terrible new elements of a changed world and the baser ambitions of his fellow man, he attempts to navigate a battered sailboat toward hope of safe harbor in the mountains of Western Arkansas.

Along the way, Christian gathers the most remarkable crew of castaways, and as one world ends, another begins, and they embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

High seas pirates, fierce storms, and ultimately, the man who would be king all stand between them and a place of refuge. Yet, banded together on this desperate gambit for survival, a handful of souls in a new world discover friendship, courage and faith, on The New Madrid Run.