Awaken to the Healer Within (Work & Groth)

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Awaken To The Healer Within has come at this time to assist in opening the understanding of who the true Healer is and where true healing comes from. It empowers the reader to receive and integrate a healing at all levels of their being. Taking the mystery out of disease, it brings forth the simplicity of healing and takes the philosophies being taught by many, putting them into a workable form that may be practically applied in our life.

Awaken To The Healer Within guides you on a gentle and beautiful journey in understanding your relationship to the world and those around you. It is a bridge to assist you in opening your consciousness and to allow you to move beyond the Healing to bring forth our gifts to the world.

Awaken To The Healer Within (320 pages) is more than just a book; it is Healing Tool, empowering readers to heal themselves. You are lovingly guide through a Healing as you become aware of your purpose and face life with new determination, empowerment and inner strength. As you let go of old fears and judgments, you move into Unconditional Love of self and others. Are you ready to heal all aspects of your being, reverse physical degeneration and move into an expression of joy and Unconditional Love? Are you willing to call forth the perfection of your identity, reclaim your abundance and prosperity, and step free of the Shadow of Fear? Do you choose to reclaim your free-will choice? Then this book may hold the answer you have been waiting for.

Among the many things you will experience in your journey are letting go of the recurring thought patterns, freeing your Divine thoughts, understanding creative manifestation, healing the child within, and increasing the life potential in every part of your being. As you begin to feel the presence of your angels and become aware that miracles are everyday occurrences, life will never be the same.

The Master said, "Ask and you shall receive." The Vibration of every thought, no matter how insignificant will resonate throughout every part of your Being, and throughout the Universe.

"It is a very moving book, I love it. I found much truth within, and I am using the information to help me personally with my own healing. I am recommending it in my workshops."
-- Annie Kirkwood, author of Mary's Message to the World