God Made Easy (Patrice Karst)

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This small book is chock full of wisdom, wonderful insights and truths. It's humorous, just the way I (Annie) think of God. To me God and I play together as I live my life, and Patrice has brought this idea forth, yet didn't leave out His Love. I met Patrice at The Prophets Conference in Los Angeles, the first week of March. She had read Mary's Message to the World when it first was released in 1991, and found it to be life changing. I've found her book, God made easy to be comforting and freeing. Her story of how this little book came into her life is as inspiring as the book itself. I highly recommend this book because it's helped me to remember so much that is forgotten in the everyday routine of life. This one is a keeper, one that you will want to keep handy just to remind yourself that God is easy, we make things difficult.