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The Foxfire Books (1-12)

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This is a series of twelve books, originally produced as a quarterly magazine by a high school teacher and his ninth and tenth grade students in Northeast Georgia, in the Appalachian Mountains. It includes interviews with the older community residents of the area, folklore and material culture. Beside the intriguing folklore, each book contains a wealth of information about lost crafts and skills we may need in the future. A few of the subjects include: building a log cabin, chimney building, soapmaking, cheese making, making chairs, preserving fruit, home remedies, hunting, gardening, midwifing, wagon making, animal care, hide tanning, blacksmithing, horse trading, shoemaking, water systems, a water-powered saw mill, etc. With over six million copies in print, I believe The Foxfire Books will prove both interesting and knowledgeable.


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