Earthquake / Hurricane / Storm Essentials

The items shown in this category are recomended as practical home, office or school  preparations for the aftermath of Hurricanes, Earthquakes and Storms. Often power and water supplies are disrupted in the hours and days following any natural disaster. A safe water supply, emergency food, cooking and heating power or fuel, and the ability to hear emergency communications are essential to survival in the disaster aftermath.  Be Prepared with these items.
Emergency Food Warming Kit - Sterno

Emergency Food Warming Kit - Sterno

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The Sterno Emergency Food Warming Kit, contains the essential components needed to prepare, heat, and serve food in emergency situations.  Kit contains
1 -Emergency folding stove, 2 - 7 oz. Sterno fuel cannisters ( 2 hours burn time each), 2 - mini Pillar Candles (9 hours burn time each), 1- 5piece cookware set  (Pot with lid, fry pan, plate  & cup), and stainless steel fork, spoon and knife.  All items come conviently stored in a portable nylon carrying case.
Be prepared to cook and have light in all emergency situations including extended power outages from Hurricanes and storms. Preparedness at bargain prices.