Pet First Aid Kits

Sporting Dog Field First Aid Kit

Sporting Dog Field First Aid Kit

Product Code: CPP10148

Price: $54.50

Shipping: $5.95

An essential first aid kit for sport and hunting dogs with supplies and tools to take care of nicks, cuts, splinters etc.,  or  to stabilzie a dog in case of serious injury or accident. Pakaged in a field carry heavy duty water proof  bag, the kit contains:
First Aid Book for Dogs             Saline Solution                 
Hydrogen Peroxide                     Syringe
3-Ply towels                                Scissors
Alcohol Preps                              4" X"4 Gauze Pads 
Cotton Balls                                 2" Flexable Limb Wrap
Cotton Swabs                              Iodine solution
Surgical Scrub Brush                    Hydrocortisone Cream
Iodine Pads                                 Stuptic Pencil
Tourniquest                                  Vinyl Gloves
Pill Gun                                                                          
Kit refills available.  Please specify "Refill Only"when ordering.