Rain Collection Barrels -  Open Head or Closed Head

Rain Collection Barrels - Open Head or Closed Head

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Save money and help the enviornment, by collecting and storing rain water with these specially designed drinking water storage and collection barrels.  55 gallon polyethelene barrels in either closed head style or open head style. 
The closed head drum has a solid top with 2" NPS and 2" buttress coarse threaded openings and a 6" diameter collection opening with screen.  The open head style has a removeable solidtop that attaches with metal ring and bolt with a 6" round collection opening with screen.  Both styles have a 3/4" molded outlet faucet on the side of the barrel for water drainage and top 3/4" NPS knockout which will  accomdate a manual or electric pump if so desired.  
Barrels are labeled with "Child Drowning Warning" and "Non-Potable Water" labels.  Use with our handy "Downspout Aadapter Kit" ( see Item# DSWS- 01) for easy collection from any gutter downspout.
Closed head barrels available in either blue or natural color.  Open head style blue only.   Please select color and style when ordering.