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Solar Rechargeable Lantern with Motion Detector

Solar Rechargeable Lantern with Motion Detector

Product Code: SL9000M

Price: $85.00

Shipping: $5.95

Rechargeable solar lantern with motion detector features which turns the lantern on when motion is detected.  Ideal for camping or for use in an area where light is needed upon entry.   The lantern style light has three way recharging, with built in solar panel using sunlight, regular household plug-in recharger, and a 12 v cigarette lighter type vhehicle charger.  All three chargers are included.
The lanter proivides 7 to 12 hours of light output when the built-in 6 volt, 4 amp per hour battery is fully charged. Plastic housing with carry handle is suitable for outdoor activities. 9 watt U tube flourescent bulb, 3 way reflector, buit-in blinking light with alarm which can be motion activated for security applications.