Voyager Solar Powered Emergency Radio

Voyager Solar Powered Emergency Radio

Product Code: KA500

Price: $54.95

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The KA500 Voyager radio is an essential item for emergency preparations (Preppers). Stores well in home or car. This durable lightweight emergency radio will allow you to receive news and information about external events in most every emergency or evacuation situation.

The KA500 Voyager is a 5way powered radio designed for portable use in all types of conditions In addition to being a standard AM/FM radio, the KA500 is a great shortwave radio allowing access to emergency shortwave communications can access all 7 NOAA weather bands. It is amazingly versatile and can be charged by five different methods. A hand crank dynamo is builtin to allow manual recharging of batteries. Also the radio comes with a directionally adjustable solar panel for recharging from sunlight and also uses disposable batteries or can be operated through a wall outlet adapter in situations when power is still available. There is a builtin
LED flashlight. This versatile portable radio is great for home,camping and outdoor use; and will always be charged and ready when that emergency comes.