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Air-Aid Face Mask - Out of Stock

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Emergency mask for anthrax, poisonous gas, biological attacks, smoke and fire, radioactive materials, and Flu Virus in Particulates

The Air Aid Mask protects you from noxious odors, chemicals, and communicable diseases. 

Designed by Professional Chemical Engineer experienced in control of airborne biological and chemical  threats, the Air Aid mask uses proven technology, with both bacterial and activated carbon filter stages.

The mask can be used as a barrier to airborne particulates which contain viruses or harmful chemicals. NOTE: it is important to wear any mask closely fitted to the face for most effective use.

Individually packaged, The Air Aid mask is small, adjustable, and flexible enough to carry in a woman's purse, fit in a man's inside suit pocket, or to store in an office desk, car glove compartment, or any handy location. Shipped in a flat plastic package 4" x 8" x approximately 1/8" thick. Storage shelf-life is indefinite if left in sealed package. 

The mask is a standard welded fabric medical mask with ear loops. Suitable for use against airborne agents as an individual or use by Emergency Responders (police, firemen, EMTs, etc) In offices, schools, day-care centers, hospitals, by Veterinarians.. 

Easy to use Directions: Remove mask from package. Place mask on face with metallic strip over nose, pinching to form an air tight seal. Place the elastic loops over both ears. A Used Airaid Mask can be discarded in household or office trash.

Disclaimer: The Air-Aid Mask should provide protection under normal conditions all day. In high concentration conditions, the Air-Aid Mask may provide protection for a shorter period of time. The Air Aid Mask is not intended for long term use and does not contain a respirator valve.

The mask has been tested with agents OC, CS, CN and numerous organic chemical vapors, including organo-phosphates. It is at least 95% efficient in blocking and filtering airborne contaminates.