Aerobic 07 Testimonials

Over the years I've received a good many comments and testimonials about the Aerobic 07 Water Purification drops, but I've never really known what to do with them. The testimonial given below is the latest one sent to me. I know that Aerobic Life gets thousands of them, but this one was given directly to me.

Sept 1997

Dear Byron and Annie,

Among a few items purchased from you last Oct was a bottle of Aerobic 07. I wanted to keep it on hand for water purification.

One day in February I observed my wife having a strange look on her face -- followed by a flushing skin color. My wife was having circulation problems--but had not told me, "Because I didn't want you to worry."

I immediately thought of the Aerobic 07 and described to her the benefits of using this liquid. She started drinking water with it in low concentrations. This was to determine if it bothered her in any way. There were no problems.

Now months later, with dosages increased many times, her condition is greatly improved. Not only has she slowly lost weight but the circulation problems are greatly reduced and now last only 20 - 30 seconds. She insists also that food has a much better taste. And here we are not talking about exotic food. We don't have it. For the past seven years we have enjoyed a very simple diet of vegetables, beans, grains and some fish.

His health is greatly improved -- thanks to Aerobic 07.

Our heart-felt thanks to both of you for making this wonderful product available.

B.T., Maine

August 1998

... would you please ship me another bottle of Aerobic 07 ...

I have been taking the Aerobic 07 drops twice a day since I received my first shipment and they really do work. Due to traveling and other reasons I have not been doing my regular exercises for a month now and this week I have two great nieces staying with me, an eleven and a thirteen year old and much to my surprise I have been bike riding for the first time in three years, swimming, up early and to bed late and I feel great! In fact I go to bed an hour after they retire and get up an hour or more before they do and I still feel great! In the past when I stopped exercising I feel tired and always out of breath doing anything strenuous, plus my muscles would be killing me. I thank God and Annie for telling me about these drops.

Mary D., New Jersey

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