About Us

B&A Products specializes in Emergency Preparedness Products. This page is an index to help you locate the items on our many pages. Plus we have emergency preparedness and survival articles and other helpful links. BOOKMARK this handy page now.

Whether you are preparing for Earth changes, terrorists, civil or social unrest, or just life's uncertainties: we have the products, books, and articles to help you PREPARE! And we've been in this business since 1992, and unlike some of our Internet competitors, a real person answers our telephone during business hours.

We are pleased to offer emergency preparedness items, disaster preparedness items, emergency drinking water products, emergency survial items, particulate masks, survival food supplies, portable generators, Katadyn water filters, sterno heater, water storage barrels, emergency backup generators, super siphon, emergency water purification, Aerobic 07, Kearny Fallout Meter, Palight Flashlight, Portawattz Powerpac and much more.

We also offer many household and maintenance items including:
The Original Safety Siphon Hose