Aerobic 07 Stabilized Oxygen Water Purification Drops

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Answers To Questions About Oxygen and Aerobic 07

Q: What happens if I don't have enough oxygen?

A: Oxygen deficiency can cause a lot of disorders and health problems. Research shows that oxygen deficiency can be the single greatest cause of disease. Immune function, energy production, detoxification and overall health depend on a high level of oxygen in your body.

For example, virtually all heart attacks come down to a failure to deliver oxygen to the hard working heart muscle.

You can't starve your body of oxygen. Just like you take vitamins to supplement what you're not getting in your food, you need to take Aerobic 07 to help you get more oxygen out of our polluted air and to destroy deadly free radicals.

Q: Don't I get enough oxygen from breathing?

A: No you don't. Pollution is everywhere. As toxins contaminate the air they replace oxygen. The earth's air used to be 40 percent oxygen, now it's 20 percent, in some places like Japan it gets as low as 1 percent! Also, any form of stress in your body uses up oxygen. Emotional stress, physical stress, infections, viruses, lack of exercise, drugs and alcohol, breathing polluted air and eating contaminated food all use up oxygen.

Q: What is Aerobic 07?

A: Technically speaking, Aerobic 07 is a solution of electrolytes of oxygen buffered and stabilized to naturally occurring salts. When the oxygen is stabilized it now becomes nascent and is ready to be used by the body.

Q: What does 07 do?

A: This helps you get more oxygen in your system. Technically you're adding nascent oxygen. This helps you get more oxygen out of the air you breathe and nascent oxygen is known to attack and destroy free radicals, infectious anaerobic bacteria, parasites microbes and viruses.

Q: How does 07 work?

A: When Aerobic 07 is taken, the stomach acid and digestive enzymes release the oxygen into the system.

Q: How is your product different from hydrogen peroxide?

A: Aerobic 07 releases far more usable molecular oxygen than hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide releases the nascent oxygen almost instantaneously, making it virtually impossible for your body to get the benefits. Also, researchers say hydrogen peroxide kills both good and bad bacteria and, like an antibiotic, it damages the body in the process. Aerobic 07 only kills the bad anaerobic bacteria.

Q: What are the health benefits of this?

A: All hostile microbes, bacteria and viruses are unable to survive in the presence of oxygen. Oxygen is a powerful free radical scavenger. Any stress whether it is caused by infections, toxic chemicals, emotions, or physical trauma results in an increase of free radicals.

Also, Aerobic 07 is recommended by doctors and nutritionists for help in treating breast cancer, cancer, candida, cirrhoses of the liver, colitis, Chron's disease, emphysema, food poisoning, fungus, gangrene, indigestion (dyspepsia), AIDS, Legionnaires disease, poison ivy, polyps, Raynauds disease, skin cancer and sunburn and more.

Q: How do you take this?

A: You always take 07 diluted in water.

Just put the drops in water and drink. Most people take 10-20 drops per 8 oz glass. You can also use this for water purification, decontaminating your food, plus much much more.

Q: How often do you take Aerobic 07?

A: At least twice a day depending on what you're using it for. Some doctors give their patients two hundred or more drops per day.

Q: Does stabilized oxygen cure disease?

A: No, but stabilized oxygen adds more nascent oxygen to your system. This helps your body heal itself. Oxygen is a powerful free radical scavenger and is known to destroy disease causing anaerobic bacteria

Q: Can Aerobic 07 really make my water safe to drink?

A: Yes. Aerobic 07 destroys deadly microbes, bacteria and parasites in water. This has been tested for over twenty five years by research centers all over the country. Many school districts in California use Aerobic 07 in 55 gallon drums of water for earthquake storage. One ounce of Aerobic 07 makes water safe to drink for five years or longer.