A Special Message

Ann, her husband Larry, and daughter Kathy attended our August 15th (1998) Mary Day. They drove in their motor home all the way from California to be present with us and the others on this special day. On their trip back to California Ann had a visitation from Jesus. In Ann's words:

Dear Byron and Annie:
As I look back on Saturday Aug 22, 1998, I remember our second day at the Grand Canyon and the feeling of such awesome beauty and how fortunate we were to be alive and in a position to see such beauty and grandeur. I was feeling especially blessed at being able to see the Painted Desert, the Petrified Forest, the Meteor Crater and the Grand Canyon in 3 days.
We left the Grand Canyon hoping to get as far as Kingman, Arizona for a late lunch. As it turned out we didn't stop at Kingman, as we felt the need to press on to California. As we got to Needles, California the temperature was so high, we felt we should stop at an RV park and try to get an early start on Sunday morning, when it would be cooler. There were no RV parks in Needles, Barston or 4 Corners. We stopped for soup and sandwich at 4 Corners as it was already 7:00 PM. After we ate we decided to go on to Boron (12 miles) to a rest area Larry Knew about. We pulled in and drove to the back of the area. We parked in sand, sagebrush and mesquite bushes. It was dark, quite and starting to cool off. We went to bed around 9:30 PM.
Around midnight I heard a voice keep repeating, "Please script this message." After hearing "Please script this," I got up and still in a groggy state from being awakened, I made my way to the front of the motor home. I found a piece of paper and pin and sat down. I looked at my hands, arms, my whole body was encircled with a white light -- it felt so warm. I felt so protected. I suddenly heard this voice give me the message. When the message was finished, I sat there almost in a state of shock. I looked across the living room and sitting on the couch was the form of Jesus. I looked at him, but was unable to look in his eyes. I have never felt such peace of mind, body and soul in my lifetime. I was not afraid. I only felt such calmness, understanding, and love. The image faded after a time. I could only sit there stunned.
The white light was still around me. I finally was able to pick up the paper and read what I had written. After a period of time I was able to stand up and walk back to bed. The white light slowly faded away. I slept very peacefully through the night.

The message:
You have been touched by the hand of God. I charge you -- prepare, for many will need your help and guidance. His loving spirit will carry you forward to meet the challenge.
Many others will seek your knowledge and wisdom. You have always been there for those in need. Avail yourself with his ever lasting love and serve him with honor and respect.
Many are called, few are chosen, your love and goodness have not gone unnoticed. Rest now, eternal love and light will guide you.
Our blessing and eternal love to you, your family and friends.

August 15, 1998 Mary Day with the Message Annie Received
August 15, 1997 Mary Day

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