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April/May 1998 Issue #39

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This is Annie's section

Recently, I've had some very shocking revelations about myself. I've known I needed to learn self-discipline and that I was aware that I had not paid attention to my body. But what I didn't know was the extent to which I had been denying my physical body. I've not paid attention to it throughout my whole life. So to begin to be concerned about my body at this late date is quite a feat of self-discipline. The day I received the diagnosis of diabetes, I asked, what is my lesson in this? The answer came quickly--self-discipline. It didn't surprise me. But I felt like I was facing something I'd been avoiding for many years, not just in this life experience either. Oh, I took care to look as neat as I could, but then I'd forget all about myself.

Over the last year and a half, I've been good about the diet part of this program. What I'm realizing is that I'm back to my old lesson in acceptance. It's another opportunity to work with the Prayer of Serenity. You know, accept what can't be changed and change what can. My dilemma has been to ask, what can be changed? Yes, I believe with my whole heart that with God all things are possible. I believe I can have an instantaneous healing. But there has been something nagging at me. For months I thought I needed to go through this experience, or that it was my choice to work some things out this way. So back to my question what can be changed, and what can't?

My body and its needs has been something I've not wanted to think about. I've acted a lot like Scarlett O'Hara, "I'll think about it tomorrow." But tomorrow never came. For years it was easier not to think about it; there was so much I needed to attend to, children, husband, mother, friends, work, later my emotional healing, my spiritual growth, and just about anything that enabled me to avoid the subject. I really worked at running away from the need to care for my body. I've done such a good job of ignoring my body that even today, I don't know when I'm in pain. Byron will look at my expression, hear my crankiness, and tell me I'm hurting. It seems ridiculous to deny your body to this extent. But I've done it for many years. So now it's time to pay the piper. I have to get with the program and pay attention to what I eat, when I rest, exercise, and to what my body is telling me at all times.

Self-discipline is the pits, but then learning to love myself felt the same way. It's a struggle. I keep hearing my therapist saying, "Stay in the struggle, Annie." So I am staying in the struggle, watching my food intake, and all the rest that goes with caring for myself with this ailment. Now I have a doctor that is working to help me get healthy. I'm on his regimen. It's a strict regiment and doesn't allow me to institute other things into it. All I ask for at this time are your prayers. His goal and mine, is to be off medication and have a body that works just as it was created, for. I must do my part and that's where the rub comes in. I'm having to rethink and reprogram my thought patterns. It isn't easy to do, but with God's help I will accomplish it.

So my lesson is self-discipline. Just what is self-discipline anyway? Often the messages that come from my readings say that discipline is teaching. It also could be training and practice. I'm teaching myself new eating habits and training myself to live healthy and honor this body. I've found many erroneous beliefs still deep within me. My inner guidance says there is still some residue of the belief that in order to serve God I need to suffer. Well, that's one belief that is no longer true of my conscious mind. It's time to eliminate it from my subconscious mind.

In the messages that became, Mary's Message to the World, Mother Mary said She was as concerned about our physical life as our spiritual. That we were to prepare both physically and spiritually. In these last ten years I've concentrated on the spiritual, emotional, and mental parts of me. But to be whole while on earth the physical is important too. I'm down to preparing my body for whatever the future brings.

I don't know where this is going, or what point I'm trying to make except to say that when we go into denial, sooner or later we must face ourselves. Another point could be that one aspect of our being isn't more important than the other. To be whole means that every part of ourself must be as good as the rest. One other thing has been coming to mind: this process is just another step in loving myself. When we love ourselves totally, we care and tend to every aspect of our life: body, mind, and soul.

I don't know if I will accomplish the goal I've set for my physical body. But with my doctor's help, I'm sure going to give it my all, and let the end results rest in God's hands. Who knows, it could easily be much better than I hoped for. Just maybe if I do my best to correct my thoughts and actions concerning the care of my body, and if I pray and meditate on this, I will be healthier than I've been in years. I know for sure that God loves me more than I can understand. It's His good pleasure to give us life and to give it to us abundantly. My lessons in self discipline are becoming numerous. But then, aren't all our lessons this way. Don't we learn much more than we thought we would in the beginning?

Well, folks thank you for letting me share some very personal thoughts. You are so good this way. I appreciate you. Until next time, I remain your friend,

Annie Kirkwood

This is Mother Mary's section

My dear children,

I come to bring you solace. A word of cheer, comfort, and love as you go through the trials and tribulations of the great change. To the human heart change is frightening and upsetting. When you rely on the Divine Creator, you are guided to the right place, people, and situations which will help you in the moment. Begin today, if you haven't already, to live in the moment. Let your thoughts for the future be of good cheer and hope. Plan for the future in your own way, take whatever action you are guided to, and then live in the moment. This moment is is Divine. Let your plans and actions fill you with solace.

Let solace comfort your soul, bring cheer to your heart and relief to your anxieties. The soul is comforted through prayer and meditation. Keep to your daily prayers. Bring to God all the things in your life that cause you concern. Pray for your life, omitting no area of your existence. Do not think that you can hide from God. Speak to Him about everything. Are there situations which fail you? Are there areas in your world that concern you? Are you troubled about loved ones? Do you fret over a particular situation? God sees everything and knows everything, yet you cannot benefit until you open yourself up to His help and loving solutions. Keep nothing hidden in your heart or mind. Release your concerns, worries, and problems to God. Let Him bring solace by giving you insights into solutions and answers. Allow God to move circumstances and situations to answer your prayers and petitions.

My children, set aside a time to listen through your meditations. During your meditations commune with God. Commune with Him in silence. Be still and let the silence soothe your soul. Simply allow your meditations to become a vigil in silence. In the beginning you may find it difficult to maintain silence, but with practice you will become more proficient. You may only be able to maintain silence for a few seconds or mintues, that is good. Continue to be in the silence no matter how long you can maintain it. Do not judge what happens in the silence. The silence, which is your interaction with all that is Divine, cannot be judged or measured on earth. In time you will become more comfortable in the silence. Your heart will begin to rejoice and you will experience relief which is felt to the core of your being. When you are weary or troubled, seek solace in the silence of your soul. When you are sad and grieving, seek the solace of silence. When you are confused and questioning, seek the solace of silence. When you are joyous and grateful, seek the communion with God in silence.

Allow yourself to find solace in the joys of your life. The Psalmist said, "Make a joyful noise unto the Lord." This is the way to worship God. He loves you unconditionally and this brings comfort and joy to the soul. Daily find the joy in living. Look for ways to be cheerful and have goodwill. When you concentrate on the joys of your life, you become more grateful, more compassionate, and much more understanding. While you are on earth, there will be troubles, but leave your troubles in the silence and allow God to work miracles. Concentrate on the joys of life and not on the troubles of life.

We can say over and over, "Do not judge, for how you judge others is how you are judged." But until you find the solace of God, you will continue to fall into old patterns of judgment. God's solace brings relief through forgiveness. Until you can fully accept that you are loved unconditionally, forgiven completely for all things, you will continue to fall into judgment. And until you can forgive yourself for all things, both imagined and real, you will not find the comfort that comes from a soul at peace.

Forgive yourself for all your mistakes, sins, errors in judgment, and for anything that distresses you. Some people have great things to forgive, such as crimes and abuses of all kinds. Others must forgive themselves for being unkind, dispassionate, and uninvolved in their own life and in the lives of their loved ones. Forgive yourself for the large issues and for the small annoyances. Then you receive God's great solace. Through His solace, He brings relief from these issues and annoyances, and gives comfort in the awareness of inner peace. His forgiveness is soothing to the spirit. Your own forgiveness frees you from living in inner terror.

Now you are ready to forgive others. To free yourself and the people you have issues with from all entanglements of the soul. This brings you more solace than you can imagine. You then are free to be cheerful, to live a life of peaceful joy. This is your goal, this is your possibility. As you forgive all people and all things, you are helping to bring peace into your life and into the world.

Seek to experience joyful peace, the peace that passes all understanding. My children, you were created to live in peace, believe this with your whole heart. Let this thought and the knowledge that you are loved unconditionally, lead you to truly experience joyful peace.

First find peace within yourself. Commit to live your life in peace; this is how to help bring peace into the world. There is solace in making this commitment. It gives you comfort and it will also bring up all the issues that keep you from peace. But do not let this deter you from your goal of inner peace. Recognize that these issues are to be forgiven, released and resolved, in order for you to live in peace. Each of you have all that you need within you to accomplish this task.

Then live your life joyfully. Find the joy in everyday life, in doing your work well. Find the joy in relating to your family and friends. Seek to know yourself. Find the joy and humor that is a part of your spirit. Daily seek to be of good cheer. Not ignoring problems, but resolving them with grace. There is joy in every sunset and sunrise, in nature and in your children. Find the joy in your pursuits and your hobbies. Find the joy of being a good example for others to follow. Find the joy in prayer and meditation. This is my request. I do not request the impossible of you. Each of you has the capacity to find solace, to live in peace, and to live joyfully. Let your daily life be loving, cheerful, and soothing to humanity. Your daily life then becomes the joyful noise you make to God. Let your life reflect God's love.

Mary, Mother of Jesus.

This is Byron's section

For about a two-week period from the end of February through the first week of March, I kept getting the message to tell people that it is time to get serious about their food and water storage plans. I admit that I don't really know why this message is coming through, or what's its source is, except my own inner guidance. But the internal message persisted, so I gave in and have started spreading the word. I first added the "Now's the Time" message to our B&A Products Internet web page. I printed some stick-on labels to include as I mailed out catalogs. I then started telling people as I talked with them.

Of course, I'm concerned that people will think I'm an alarmist spreading fear, and there will be a few that think I'm in it for the money, or whatever. But the message keeps telling me to do it anyway. Those that are supposed to recognize this message will, and the skeptics will do what they do best, go into their particular form of denial.

I keep wanting to know what we are supposed to prepare for? but I don't get any answer--the only answer I get is "It doesn't matter ... all that is important is that you prepare." Now I would normally call that a "cop-out," but the seriousness keeps coming through, not in words, but in feeling a strong sense of urgency.

So what I've done is create a list of possible dangers; in emergency preparedness, this is called a "risk analysis" or "threat analysis." First, as you probably know, our emphasis up to now has been to prepare for emergencies (short term) with an Earth-changes theme. This scenario is one that I have at least some grasp. Then, late last year, I became aware of how serious the year 2000 computer problem (y2k, Millennium Bug) could be. Ironically, I have talked with friends that are Earth changes aware, who had not taken this seriously, that are getting serious about preparing for the Millennium Bug (which by the way, doesn't start on Jan 1st at midnight, 2000). Now to add to the list, recently one of the major TV networks had an hour-long special on the threat of biological warfare being waged here in the U.S. by foreign terrorists.

Well, what else can go wrong? There's at least three more on my list. One is general food shortages caused by the erratic and severe weather in California, Florida, and other important growing areas. Secondly, there's a feeling of concern that the stock market might experience a "correction" that might cause a major depression. Thirdly, there are those that are concerned about the "New World Order" threat and all this represents. This is beginning to feel like a house of dominoes, with collapsing dominoes falling, from both ends.

Wow! Now I've said it, what do we do next? A food and water storage plan needs to be customized to your family requirements and situation, location, budget/money, and probably other factors I can't even anticipate. But if you also feel this sense of urgency, the worst thing you can do, is nothing. After a year or two she at least has a start. This is better than 90% of the people we are in contact with that have done nothing.

The main areas you need to prepare include food and water. And the equipment and accessories for storing and preparing the food and water. This includes ways to prepare the food and store the water. To store water you need food grade water containers or barrels. You should have some sort of additive to keep the water potable, such as clorox, hydrogen peroxide, or Aerobic 07. And no matter how much water you store, it won't be enough to last indefinitely, so you need a way to purify water. This can be anything from boiling water, building a solar distiller, and/or having a good water filter.

Now for food. Probably the first question is, how much food do I need? I wish I knew! But I suspect you will want to get enough to feed your family for a year. But anything is better than doing nothing. Most people don't even have enough food in their panty to last a week. So having enough for a week is better than nothing. A month's supply is better than a week ... and so forth.

I realize that money (for food supply and equipment) is an issue for many of us. Ready Reserve Foods has a program called the Monthly Case where you can get a year's supply of food spread out over a year.

I also realize that space is another concern for people who live in small homes, mobile homes, or apartments. But you can be creative about storing your food supply. The number ten (10) cans of long shelf-life food can fit under most beds. Cartons of food can be stacked, covered, and used as a table, TV stand, or do something creative.

I realize that this can be overwhelming. If you're willing to invest a little time to read up on the subject, the book Making the Best of Basics: Family Preparedness Handbook by James T Stevens is an excellent resource. It covers just about everything you want to know about selecting, preparing and storing food.

Another thing to consider where your location allows, is to plan a garden to grow vegetables and other food basics. We carry a seed assortment packaged in a #2-1/2 can that has 17 varieties of vegetables.

Before closing I want to mention that many people are beginning to get this same "sense of urgency" and are placing orders for long shelf-life food systems, so lead times are stretching out. Where it recently was about four weeks between the time you placed an order and it was shipped, it is now six to eight weeks. So don't wait to place an order until quoted deliveries are six months to a year. Do it NOW! Now's the Time!

Sincerely -- Byron

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