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April/May 1997 Issue #33

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This is Annie's section

Dear Friends,

We are getting more and more requests for prayer/meditation and/or study groups in different areas of the country. Some people are simply looking for another person to pray and meditate with. Many are looking for people who will use Messages to Our Family as a study guide. Others are looking for someone in their area they can talk with about the books. If you are willing to host a group in your area, or you would like to be available to talk with people, let us know. We will send your contact information to those who request. We plan to create a list with names of cities or localities, and names of people stating they are willing to host a group, or to talk with, and their phone number. Send your name, method to contact you, and what you are willing to host: prayer/meditation group, study group, or a person who will talk to people who call. Let us know if your group is a start-up based on Mary's Message to the World, and/or Messages to Our Family, or an existing group using other material.

I recently received a letter from friends in England requesting that I share my views and feelings about the period of grace that has been extended. My friends in England said two "great lightworkers" in England had become disillusioned when "The Plan" changed and have since chosen not to receive further information, cutting themselves off from others in their circle. This request is quite timely, since I'd just been a speaker at The Universal Lightworkers Conference in Houston. My talk was "The Responsibilities of a Lightworker." I pray with my friends about their concerns for their friends. God always works for our good, and when our future is delayed, it is good, and when it arrives as is also good.

First about the delay in Mother Mary's predictions. I feel grateful and somewhat awed by the fact that we have delayed the predicted future. In Mary's Message to the World, Mother Mary said that the whole reason for giving these predictions was to affect the inner changes, which would effect the outer changes. I'm paraphrasing the passage in the book. We are doing good! We've been praying more; many more people have been working on their inner life, cleansing their hearts and minds from the things that keep us from peace. My prayer is that we (people all over the world) continue to do those things that will take us into the time of peace with as few catastrophes as possible. One of the most difficult things about sharing prophesy is that some people believe that, if the prophesy doesn't come true, you have failed. Mother Mary let me know right away that the predictions She gave were Hers, not mine. I was not responsible for them. I am simply the messenger and not the prophet, so perhaps it's been easier for me to detach from the predictions.

When the future is predicted and given as prophesy, it begins to change the future instantly. Awareness, we've been told, changes the future. When you first heard of the predictions, didn't you say instantly, "Oh,NO! This can't be," or something to that effect? That is an instant prayer and, because it stays in the consciousness, it becomes more focused. It is only natural not to want disasters in our future, and it is only natural to pray for a change in that kind of future.

In May of 1996, Mother Mary said, in the message for the June newsletter, that we are in a ten-year grace period, which can be increased to fifteen years. She also said that the year 2012 would be a monumental year. So we have done well; we've delayed the really bad disasters for at least that time period. Mother Mary said the weather would continue to be erratic and that we would still have natural disasters. To me, this means that the really bad stuff is delayed and minimized. So pat yourselves on the back; we are doing good, and let us renew our commitment to continue to pray, work on our inner self, and to love without judgment.

This takes me to the responsibilities of a lightworker. This term is used in some circles to denote people who are doing their spiritual work. I believe we are all lightworkers, whether we choose to do our spiritual work through one religion or another, or no religion at all. The only light we have to work with is our own. Our responsibility is the same as Mother Mary asked of all of us, whether we call ourselves by that term or not. We are to keep our inner light shining by clearing away the old debris of unresolved angers, envy, jealousy, resentments, and long-held fears and phobias.

We are reminded that Jesus said, "I am the light of the world, ye are the light of the world." He also said not to hide our light under a bushel. I feel that the "bushel" could easily be all the unresolved angers and fears that keep us from being at peace, and loving ourselves and others without judgment. It's not lecturing, writing a book, or being known as a lightworker; it's doing the inner work of keeping our light bright, shining and lit at all times. We are like the person who runs a lighthouse. The lighthouse worker keeps things clean, supplies on hand, and is ready to shine the light when the night becomes foggy and the way seems unnavigable. Through their efforts ships and boats stay on course. The lighthouse worker doesn't set their course, or control their destination. He just keeps the light shining, knowing this is his job. We have the same responsibility to keep our inner light shining through prayer, resolving old angers, and facing our long-held fears. Most importantly, we remain responsible when we keep a forgiving and loving attitude. It's forgiveness that helps us live in peace, capable of loving unconditionally at all times. So today, let us give ourselves some well deserved credit. We know that as a people we are doing good when we can affect our future in the most minute way. We are doing good when we begin to live in peace. Remember what Mother Mary said to me about my son, David, "We will take care of the inside, and when the inside is right, the outside will take care of itself." Let's care for our inner life and pray that the outside will take care of itself in such a way that it's seen as miraculous.

Thanks for letting me share some thoughts; until next time I remain your friend,

Annie Kirkwood

This is Mother Mary's section

My Dear Children,

I come today to speak about faith and understanding. Many of you are feeling constrained by the future. You are concerned with what will be, how it will happen, and so many other concerns for food, shelter, or money. I bring the gift of renewed faith. Allow yourselves to be renewed daily through your prayers, and through your meditations. Let your minds be filled with joy because faith brings comfort, peace, and patience. Faith has many good by-products that are not only gifts but energizing to your spirit, mind, heart, and soul.

Faith is the substance that creates your future. To say you don't have faith, is to say you don't have life. Faith is a part of your being and needs to be nurtured and cherished. How many of you have faith that the laws of nature will continue to perform as they always have? You believe so deeply that when you close your eyes at night to rest, the sun and morning will follow the night, without any doubt. This is faith. You have faith in your ability to continue to think; you never doubt your capacity to love. Yet when you come to what you perceive as spiritual ideas, you doubt your faith. You doubt that you are connected to God. Many doubt they will have the money to continue to live life. One small set back, or large set back, financially and many of you are in despair. You think God has abandoned you. You forget to seek the lesson and gift these circumstances bring.

My dear children, you have faith. You have enough faith to keep planning for tomorrow and arising each morning to face what the day brings. You have the faith to go to sleep each night fully expecting the morning to come. You have faith, when you eat, your body is nourished without your instruction. You have faith that, when you plant seeds, they will reproduce of their own kind. You have faith that, when it rains, the sunshine will follow. You have faith enough to live, and faith enough to live fully.

Many of you are experiencing health problems. Have faith that as your body can find nourishment in the foods you eat, it will also have the ability to heal. If you have need of medical assistance, then by all means put your faith in the inner guidance and the medical person who is aiding you to become healthy. If you have relationship or family problems, have faith that the good will you have towards your loved ones will lead you to find ways of making peace. Have faith in your love and in your ability to love. Instead of railing against God, nature, the Universe, your religious teachings or leaders, your family...stand still and remember that you already have faith in yourself, in the life force that charges through you daily, and in the laws of nature. This is a recognize the faith you already have. Never again say, "I lack faith." If you go to sleep each night expecting to arise in the morning, you have faith. It's enough faith to move mountains, to heal bodies, and to live peacefully. Remember what Jesus said if you have the faith of a mustard seed. You already have the faith of a mustard seed. The mustard seed is one tiny seed. When you recognize the faith that keeps you looking forward to a new day, you have is enough.

When you recognize that you already have faith, then you will find understanding. Understanding brings wisdom and new ideas. To be lost in despair because things are not going as you would have them go, or because there has been a decrease of love, good outcomes in relationships, family, business, finance, health, or spiritual to close your eyes and not see the possibilities that are in front of you. Faith opens your mind to understand more fully. Understanding opens your eyes to see in a new light, with a new perspective and a new vision. How many times have you said, "I see! Why didn't I see this before?" This is understanding.

Once the scales of despair are removed from your eyes, your mind opens up to new possibilities. The very opening into the arena of full potential and total possibilities is you opening your mind to the work arena of God. Because the Father within is full of possibilities and total potential, your potential for new ideas is released, and with it circumstances, situations, people and places come into your life to fulfill and answer your prayers in miraculous ways. But first there has to be the recognition of faith. Your recognition comes when you are aware of the many ways you already have faith.

Understanding allows you to be ready to receive new ideas, new people, and new circumstances in your life. So many times people pray for good to come into their life and then close their eyes by denying their faith. They do not hold on to the little faith they have; instead they deny they have any faith at all. Now that you know that you do have faith, nurture it by affirming to yourself that you have the faith to move mountains. Let the results of your request go into that great arena of God's loving full potential and total possibility. Allow the results to come in God's own way and in His own time. Affirm that you have the faith to move mountains and the understanding to see the way as it is presented to you. Then be ready to act in faith. Be ready to see with full understanding what you need to do next. Be prepared to do the smallest thing even if you have done it before. Now when you perform the act, it will be done with full understanding and with renewed faith. Renew your faith daily through affirmations, understanding that God is not changed through your are. Pray daily to be ready to do what God directs you to do in order to live as you have chosen to live. Now, if you have not made choices, it is time you do. Understanding now that God is full potential and total possibilities, you see that God awaits your choices when you become spiritually aware. It is up to you to decide how to live your life. Do you seek truth, wisdom, love, healing, success, spiritual renewal, peace, or purpose? Then ask for it. But a major part of faith is surrender. It is your faith that allows you to be able to surrender your request and petition to God. It is your understanding that keeps you strong in the belief that God is good and only gives good to His creation. Remember, it will happen in God's time, which is different from earth time. Your prayers will be answered, and you will see the answers clearly. You will not miss the miracle, the wonder, and the majesty of working with God. You will spring to life with renewed vigor and a deeper love for all of God's creation.

Thank you for listening to my words. I am loving you as you continue to grow in faith and understanding.

Mary, Mother of Jesus.

This is Byron's section

A Book Review of WHEN THE COMET RUNS by Tom Kay

Ever since compiling my wife's book Mary's Message to the World, I've been fascinated with the prophecies for the near future--the upcoming Earth changes. Fascinated, yet concerned for myself, my family, friends, and generally everyone on the planet. So concerned, that I wrote Survival Guide for the New Millennium (Blue Dolphin, 1993) to help people prepare for Earth changes. In the Survival Guide, I've tried to pull together some of the major predictions and create a mental picture of what, I hope, is a worse-case scenario for the future. When faced with expected difficulties, I've often done this to psych myself up, to be prepared to handle the expected difficulty--knowing that if I could mentally handle this worse case, the actual outcome would probably be a lot less severe than my mental picture. This technique has worked well for me in the past, and I'm sure many of you use it. My interest in the predictions has led me to a new book, When the Comet Runs: Prophecies for the New Millennium by Tom Kay. Tom has compiled a comprehensive collection of prophecies given by past and present prophets, seers, psychics, and futurists. These include the prophecies of Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Paul Solomon, Gordon-Michael Scallion, Aron Abrahamsen, Sun Bear, Mary Summer Rain, Dannion Brinkley, Mother Shipton, Saint Hildegard, and many less known people. It also incorporates the prophecies of the Bible, and messages from Mary, Mother of Jesus through my wife, Annie Kirkwood.

I was intrigued at how Tom was able to piece together the different prophecies into groups and chapters. Those groups and chapters all have a common theme, where one prophecy would provide information and the next one would reinforce and build on it. I realize that many people don't believe that these things are going to happen, and of course from our perspective, we understandably don't want them to happen. But there's a legal term, "the preponderance of evidence," or the more common saying, "where there's smoke, there's fire," which tells us that something is going on that is not quite "normal." And there's an appropriate Bible quote (Proverbs 23:3), "A wise man sees the things ahead and prepares for them."

As I travel giving workshops and talks, I'm often asked if we don't create our own reality as we "concentrate" on Earth changes. When the Comet Runs has given me another perspective to address this question, as it quotes from "The Revelation of Ramala." Ramala suggests that there are two distinct cycles in operation at this time. One is Humanity's cycle, and that we can influence what we as Humanity can do. But the other cycle, which we don't normally consider, Earth has its own cycle, and we (as humanity) cannot stop Earth's cycle ("unless you are God, of course"). This is consistent with what Mother Mary has told us, when we've asked if we could stop or lessen the Earth changes. She's told us that "Yes, you can lessen the changes through prayer...but that the planet has to have a cleansing."

If you want to get a glimpse of the potential future through the eyes of the prophets, this book should do it! The information contained within it may at first frighten you, but as you read, you may actually find your fear dissolving through an understanding of what may happen. And if you do believe we can change our future, you have to first understand what that future might be, if we ignore the prophecies.

Byron Kirkwood

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