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August/September 1996 Issue #26

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This is Annie's section

Deear Friends,

I cannot tell you in words, how much I appreciate your good thoughts, prayers and cheerful cards. Just a quick update on "the (broken) leg." I'm well beyond the prognosis and may even beat the nine months to one year I was originally given as the length of time to heal. Prayer works, I've known it for years, and this is just one more instance when it is proven. I cheerfully accept all prayers; keep sending them my way, I love it!

The next book, Instructions for the Soul is now in its final phase and should be out in the next few months. It's all the lessons on prayer, affirmations and meditation taken from the book, Messages to Our Family along with some of my thoughts and questions that have been asked about prayer and meditation in workshops and from letters from our readers. This is your book, it was requested by readers of Messages to Our Family, and so the idea for it came through them from God. People asked to have a small book of the lessons on prayer, something that they could keep at their bedside.

Just the other morning I received a call from a young lady who was concerned because she couldn't always meditate at the same time of day. She had decided to meditate when her child was taking a nap. But the child didn't always go to sleep at the exact same time. I shared with her one of the things we cover in Instructions for the Soul. Meditating at the same time means that you will meditate during a certain period of the day, not necessarily at the exact same minute.

For her it's when her child is napping. For me, it's when I wake up, this is not always at the same exact minute of the day. I used to meditate before I went to bed, once again not an exact time of the day. So you can set your meditation time to be an exact time, like 10:00 am or 4:00 pm. Or it could also be an inexact time like before bedtime. And if one night you stay up later than usual, you still meditate before you go to sleep without missing your time.

What I've found is that once my "meditation time" is near, then something happens on other levels. It's a perception, but I seem to feel shifts are taking place around me, and that to me indicates that it's also taking place within me. I feel slight tingling sensations around my shoulder and neck, going up to the top of my head. And I find that my whole being begins to become still and quiet. It was especially noticeable last Sunday.

We are once again holding a meditation session in our home on Sunday afternoons. I'd taken note of these sensations before, but it was last Sunday that the process grabbed my attention. As the morning passed, I began to get quiet on the inside, almost to the point of stillness. Even though I talked to Byron and prepared on an outer level, I was just quiet. It's a stillness and quiet that is inner and has nothing to do with my body or the things going on around me. I'm told we live on many levels and it's on all levels that we meditate. So set your time, or whatever you designate as your time period; then after awhile you will become aware of the way you prepare to meditate. As a reminder, Byron doesn't have my perceptions, so don't be disappointed if you don't either. Not everyone may notice this quieting of mind and body. Whether you do or don't notice does not indicate more or less competence. In prayer and meditation there are no rulers or measuring devices. Your way will be the correct way for you to meditate. It is my belief that our soul prepares to be in deep communion with our Creator, whether you notice it or not.

One other thing the young lady that called brought up, is the question of when do you begin to receive messages or answers. Many people think that answers or messages can only come during a meditation. It's my experience that most often my answers and messages come at other times. I often get messages during meditation, but Byron normally doesn't. Messages can come through other people, songs on the radio, a tune that keeps going through your mind, an article in a newspaper or magazine, or any number of different ways. The message requesting that we take the lessons on prayer and meditation and use them to create a special prayer book came through you, the readers. It didn't come through my meditation.

And most important...when you get a message to do something, ask for confirmation or proof, and ask for more information on how this is to happen. Please don't go off half-cocked without thinking things through. Pray about the suggestion; it will be a suggestion. We always have choice. It is our God-given right and duty to choose. God gave us the gift of choice. I feel sure He wants us to use it by taking the responsibility of choosing. Ask for confirmation before setting any plan into effect. I ask God to let me know if this is truly a message from Him, by giving me this same message in three different ways, from three different sources, three different times, and from three different places. So when several people, who have no contact with each other, suggest or tell me the same thing, I "know" this is my confirmation.

My perception is that we are supposed to question and confirm that which comes to us from the spirit world. It's one of our rights to question. I consider it one of my duties to question. But then trust is an issue that I am still working on, and so this is my way of proving that the suggestion or request is not my ego, but a directive from God.

There is so much to say about this subject that we cannot cover it here. This is just a sharing of ideas and experiences. I don't think I have all the answers, or the correct answers. I use my experiences as a way of encouraging you to seek, because for will find. will receive, it has been proven to me again and again to be the truth.

Until next time I remain your loving friend and encourager,

Annie Kirkwood

This is Mother Mary's section

My Dear Children,

I come today with a joyful heart to impart my love and understanding. What a gift it is to everyone when you give your heart in joy and love. I would like for each of you to experience this gift as well. The gift of a joyful and loving heart is a balm to the giver and a healing ointment to the receiver. My request today is that you live this message, that you instill in your heart in whatever way is your own unique way, joy and love.

It is a decision, and a commitment to live in joy and love. A loving heart is joyful, and a joyful heart is most always loving. As you begin your day, take a few moments and allow yourself to set the mood of the day with love. Affirm your belief in a loving Creator who is ever vigilant to care for you in all ways. Decide to be loving and happy. Forgive yesterday, remember you only have today to work in; pray for tomorrow, and release it all to our Loving Father. This is how to live a joyful life.

Forgiveness eases the pains of living a human experience. Forgiveness washes away the bitterness which remains from your pain and resentments. Forgiveness allows you to heal old wounds, and to release any new aches. It brings you to a place of unconditional love. Daily forgive yourself. Then daily forgive others just as God forgives without delay.

Make the effort to think joyful thoughts, to sing joyful tunes, read joyful tales, and to uplift yourself with alacrity. It is up to you to live in whatever mental state you desire. If you make the mistake of believing that others control your day, you will not find joy. You will not feel loving towards yourself if you look to other people, whether they are family, government, church or peers, to define your day, your moods, or your opinion of yourself. When you give others the responsibility of defining your criteria for life, you will most assuredly be unhappy and without joy. Few people will have your best interest as their primary goal. Certainly no institution will have an individual's best interest in their goals. No one else can make you happy, no one else can fill your heart with love. Only you can connect to the Source of Love and Joy. You do this daily with every thought and with every decision. You live daily with the choices or the lack of choices you have made in the past.

Pray, my children, pray that as you choose to live in joy and love, peace will rule your world. Peace is our ultimate goal. Peace in every heart, and peace in every home. It isn't impossible to have peace on earth today. It will take millions of people who learn, through whatever means they use, to live a loving and joyful life. It requires that people seek to be peaceful in their innercountenance. It requires that all old pains and angers be healed. It also requires that each person become more accepting of each other and that people make the choice to live in peace. Throughout the centuries peace has been available to this wonderful world. The angels proclaimed, "Peace on Earth and goodwill towards men," at Jesus' birth to remind people that peace is possible today. It takes the effort of many people to have peace on Earth.

So my children, cleanse your heart of old, lingering angers and fears. Forgive and let go of those things that no longer matter. Be kind to yourself as you go through this time of healing. Be gentle in your judgments and allow every person to heal in their own way and at their own pace. Pray the one for the other always and allow only love, joy and peace, to rule your heart. Your lifeline to the Source of All is through your prayers. Seek to see the inner essence of each person. Judge not their outer life as much as you judge the essence of each person. Look at each other through compassionate and loving eyes. Do not judge people by what they wear or eat, neither judge their beliefs, or their pain. Instead be as the Father within and love unconditionally. Seek to be accepting of each other, open your heart and learn to be understanding. Look for the inner essence of people and remember that you are judged, as you judge. It truly is your own measuring stick, your very own standard that is used to judge, yourself or others.

Pray to release your heart from harsh judgment. Pray that you can find compassion and understanding. Pray to be lifted to a higher vision of yourself and others. It will then be easier to live in love and joy, when you no longer judge yourself or others. Be compassionate with yourself, be understanding and accept that you can be your best self today. All you have is today. All you work with is your life, and all you are responsible for are your thoughts, deeds and judgments.

My little children, the need to judge comes from a belief in a judging God, who will punish. But our Creator is a most generous and loving God. He is pure Love and always Understanding. He forgives, and asks that you forgive too. God loves us with a love that is pure and completely non-judgmental. You are loved unconditionally, and so you live in love. It is time to end harsh judgments and to set your measuring stick aside. It is time to love yourself and others unconditionally. It is time to be at peace. It is time to live in joyful and loving ways every day. Be compassionate, first with yourself and then with others. Set aside all judgment, allow joy and unconditional love to fill your heart so that it overflows to include all people. Be good to yourself so that you can be good to others. Live your life with the commitment to love unconditionally. Be filled with joy so that you can find the humor and happiness that is yours if you will but open your mind and heart to it. Surround your thoughts in tenderness and be compassionate so that you can live in peace.

Pray, my children, treat yourself as a most precious treasure, for this you are. You are God's treasure and you are precious. Remember that every person on earth is God's treasure and they too are precious in His eyes. I am loving you and praying for you. Thank you for listening to my call.

Mary, Mother of Jesus.

This is Byron's section


If you read my last newsletter, Flash -- City Boy Plants Garden, you'll know that I made my first attempt at "growing things." Well I've learned a few things as a result of this effort. And I've had a few successes and a few not-so successes (not actually failures, but close).

When I first mentioned that I was planning on growing a garden, my neighbor said, "Don't worry about (growing) a garden; it's a lot of work and it's not worth it. There's a good produce store down on Highway 100." Although he wasn't aware of my real agenda (learning how to grow things)--boy was he right! It has been a lot of work, but I've enjoyed it. And I've taken a lot of pride in showing off my garden, weeds and all. For anyone that visited these last few months, the garden was definitely on the tour.

On the plus side, I've grown some great tomatoes, the best I've ever eaten. I'm not a great tomato lover, but these were good. Our pole beans have also provided a good crop. Annie fixed these by steaming them. I ate some, because I am committed to eating at least some of everything I grew. But I just don't like beans that much. We had a great fry night where we fried up our home-grown zucchini, squash, green tomatoes, and some store-bought fish and okra.

However, our corn plants didn't do well at all. I had four corn stakes grow, but apparently I need to have at least two rows so they could pollinate themselves--a lesson learned. So far our watermelons, okra, and pumpkin plant haven't produced any vegetables. The pumpkin plant is growing so much that I estimate at the current rate it will take over northeastern Oklahoma in about two months. However, it finally occurred to Annie and I that neither one of us like pumpkins. If it produces pumpkins we'll have some to give the neighbor's kids at Halloween. Another lesson learned is to plant what you like to eat. I'll just write this one off to learning what will and won't grow in my garden.

What else have I learned? One is that a 585' garden isn't going to feed a family of two for a year--it's well short of that! Secondly, that a garden takes a lot of work, a lot of watering, and more knowledge about planting, growing, seasons, insects, fertilizers, and such that I've yet to learn. But then there's the fall season planting, and next year.

We were finally on NBC's Ancient Prophecies IV: The Final Visions, that broadcast on June 8th. They interviewed and filmed us almost two years ago while we were still in Carrollton (Dallas). I was pleased at now good a job they did in conveying my message of getting prepared. When I was watching it on that Saturday evening, I thought that my segment had lasted only a couple of minutes. I later went back and timed it, and they had seven minutes of the show dedicated to telling how to prepare for the upcoming earth changes--I was impressed.

Although they showed Annie, I was disappointed that they didn't use any of the message she had given during the original filming. Annie didn't mind, but I did. If you would like to purchase video tapes of any of the Ancient Prophecies series, you can call NBC at 1-800-333-3362.

Two issues back I mentioned the CERT (Community Emergency Response Teams) program and the 3-day train-the-trainer course. Well, I did it--I attended the train-the-trainer program sponsored by FEMA and the State of Oklahoma. Now I'm an official CERT trainer, but I've found there is more to getting a CERT program going than just becoming a trainer. This program has a lot of potential, especially if you have some sort of a group or community that is interested in preparing for any kind of emergency. A group could be a neighborhood, a church group, or something of this sort. If you have any additional questions, give me a call.

For those that have requested a lower priced version of Mary's Message to the World, The Berkley Publishing Group will be releasing a paperback version this November. Retail price is $10 (Stock #2000B). Conversations With God has made the big time and that's the good news and the bad news. The Putnam Berkley Publishing Group has bought the rights for Conversations With God from the Hampton Roads Publishing Company and will be releasing a hardback version in November. The good news is that more people will become aware of this powerful message due to Putnam's tremendous sales ability. The bad news is that the deal calls for Hampton Roads to immediately stop selling this paperback version (it's gone); Hampton Roads has delayed the release of Book 2 from now (August 1996) to next May (1997), and of course the hardback version from Putnam will cost more ($19.95). The impending workbook has also been delayed because of a fire at the home of author Neale Donald Walsh.

One final tidbit. I'm finishing up my next book, a book for the person that wants to go into business for themselves for the first time. The working title is How to Start Your Own Business for the New Entrepreneur. This was done at Annie's encouragement. She repeatedly said that the metaphysical people that are opening new businesses need help with the basics: getting business cards, opening a bank account, developing procedures for accepting checks, getting set up to accept credit cards, and a multitude of things like this--that's what this books is about. Blue Dolphin has tentatively agreed to publish it. There's no scheduled release date as of yet.

Well this is the update from the beautiful Green Country of Northeastern Oklahoma.


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