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August/September 1997 Issue #35

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This is Annie's section

Dear Friends,

As I was preparing for our open house on August 16 & 17, 1997 (for details), I began to worry about how this would all work out. I was thinking of the logistics of accommodating people in our home. I was feeling very responsible for the people who would come and how they would feel about the experience. Then Mother Mary whispered in my ear, "They are not coming for you, Annie." This statement made me feel better; it took all the responsibility and worry off me. I again realize that it's not my work. It's God's and Mary's Work. I simply have a small part in it. I have been hearing the words, "I'm gathering my children." What that means, I don't know.

Once again I'm reminded, it's not about me, it's about being willing to follow the prompting of Spirit. It's also about surrendering all my concerns and worry, and allowing God to work through me. I'm not in charge of the gathering. It's in Mother Mary's hands. She is the one directing the outcome. Whatever happens, or doesn't happen, will be good. As we gather to pray and meditate as a group, we will be participating in a most powerful experience, because we come together in love. We love Mother Mary, we love God, and we are loving ourselves, and our fellow man. To gather in love is powerful; it's also very healing.

Please join us in prayer and meditation, as Mother Mary requested. When you join us in prayer that weekend we will create a supercharge of good energy and will be united in purpose and intent for world peace. Here in Oklahoma we will share ourselves, our prayers, love, and good intentions. Help us pray for the world, world peace, an end to violence and war, and for families to live together in peace.

Many times Mother Mary has said to me that the only way to bring peace into the world is that I live in peace and encourage others to live in peace. She said, "Peace will come to earth through the hearts of man." She was speaking about inner peace, and it's mankind to whom She refers, which includes everyone, regardless of gender. It's not always easy to have inner peace. For me it means that when I'm out-of-sorts, I get myself back into a peaceful state of mind, willingly and quickly. It also means that when I become agitated, I can no longer afford to spend time upset. I realize it's imperative to quickly do all I can to get back into inner peace. Some of us have family members who, for one reason or another, are difficult to deal with and keep our inner peace intact. Sometimes we have to distance ourselves from them for our own peace of mind. It's a difficult decision to make and to carry through. Even if we cannot tolerate any contact with them, or can only tolerate short periods of time, we can continue to love them, pray for them, and hope that their highest good come to them.

Many times I look at the situation that has upset me and I find, much to my distress, that it is me that needs to change or adjust. And then there are times I find all the situation requires is for me to state my needs. One of my shortcomings is that I have a problem voicing my needs. Instead, I give a voice to my displeasure and do things like be short-tempered, or speak in short, terse sentences, letting everyone know I'm upset. Often I cannot say what is bothering me, sometimes I don't know, and sometimes I don't want to face what is bothering me. When I'm out-of-sorts and don't know why, I start looking--seeking earnestly because I don't feel good in this frame of mind. Staying upset doesn't lead to peace; in fact it can lead to more turmoil and sometimes to resentments and other negative emotions.

So living in peace, as I see it, is setting my direction and headings towards peace, and making sure that my underlying intention is to love unconditionally. When I'm not living in peace, I know I need to take some action, change, or adjust in order to once again be going in the direction of peace. I know instantly when I'm out of peace because it feels terrible to be out of a peaceful state of mind. After you have lived in peace a while, you will gladly do whatever it takes to be back into peace.

One other thing about peace, it requires that I surrender to God, either the situation, the people in the situation, or something about the situation in order to be back in peace. I find it difficult each time to surrender. It takes me going through the process of surrender. Each time I surrender, I tell myself it's getting easier to surrender. I don't know if it is, but I like to think it is. I'm assured that I'm doing my best, and that's all that Mother Mary says we can do. Just do your very best to live in peace, and to let love be the basis of your life. This doesn't mean you will always feel peaceful and loving, but it means you will recognize quickly when you are not feeling peaceful or loving. Then you will head back into that direction again. So if you lose your temper, become short-tempered, or upset, don't criticize or judge yourself harshly. Just let it go and set your sights in the direction of peace and love again. Let the judgment stop at the first sign of criticism.

This is the analogy that I use to explain how I go about living in peace. You are driving a car and you let go of the steering wheel; the car goes all over the road and may go off the road. That's not the time to get angry and upset with yourself. You don't want to keep your hand off the steering wheel criticizing yourself. It's time to quickly take hold of the steering wheel and steer the car back into its lane and correct direction. This is how I see living in peace and being out of peace. When I am out of peace, I need to quickly shut up and get myself going in the right direction. Just like the car when I lose my direction, all I need is to steer myself towards peace, without taking the time to criticize, or browbeat myself.

Thank you once again for letting me share some thoughts. I do encourage you to join us in prayer on the weekend of August 16 & 17, 1997. On the 15th, at about 7:00 pm, we will be at Lake Tenkiller, in prayer. We will be seeking an experience with Mother Mary. Join us in prayer at that time too, if it is at all possible. Well, until next time, I remain your friend,

Annie Kirkwood

This is Mother Mary's section

My dear children,

I come today with my heart full of love. I am pleased with those of you who have been changing your lives for the better. I am proud of those of you who have been working to clear from your heart and mind all unresolved anger and lingering fear. This is helping the world to change for the better. We are all interconnected through God's love. What one person does affects the whole world. How do you help others? The first step to helping others is to help yourself. You help yourself by changing from an angry, fearful person, to one who lives with the intention of loving without judgment or reservation. Then you are ready to help others.

The best way to help others is to support them with your prayers. Pray for your loved ones to have good in their lives. Because when you ask for good, you are asking for more of God's essence to manifest in their lives. Pray for friends and your enemies, or the people who are against you in any way. Prayer is the best gift you can give another. When you pray, do not decide what that person needs. It isn't up to you to make these kinds of decisions. Pray simply that good come to them and that they have good experiences and good in every area of their lives. Then let God and the person work out how that good will manifest in their lives.

After you have prayed, you are ready to do good deeds. You are ready to help others who are ready to be helped. Be sure that when you help, you are in reality helping the person and not simply allowing them to continue to ignore their problems. There are times when it is appropriate to give a person food and there are times when it would do the person more good to learn to grow, or earn his food. Be prudent in your giving. Be sure that you give for the benefit of the person you wish to help and not to make yourself feel good. Think about what your intent is in giving. Is it to do good deeds? Is it to help a fellow human in his time of need? Or is it to ensure that you have a place in heaven?

Intent, motivation, and purpose are important ingredients in giving. Equally important as why you give, is how you give. Is your heart filled with non-judgmental love? Is your underlying foundation in your life love? Do you come to the act of giving in love? Do you see the person who is to receive your help as needy or lacking in some way? If you think that person doesn't understand, either how to make a good living, or how to rely on God, you find him lacking. If you think the person you are helping is beneath you intellectually, monetarily, educationally or in any other way, your giving is lacking. The giving is lacking the unseen gift that comes from a loving, cheerful heart.

When you give with a heart filled with non-judgmental love, you give from the heart, soul, spirit, and therefore it is infused with the energy of love. Be sure that when you decide to help another person, it is the kind of help that person needs, wants, can accept, and that the gift is given in love, and with joy. There is more to giving that handing out a loaf of bread, or an amount of money. The real gift comes with prayer, love, and joy.

It is so important that you love yourself without judgment, without reservations, and without limits. It is important that you learn to respect yourself, your beliefs, your choices and your decisions. It is important that you honor and love your family, even if they are unloving towards you. It is important for you to awake each morning ready to love, filled with joy, and ready to forgive any slight. In this way you are living as a true child of God.

My dear children, this is something that is easily within your capability to live. Your very essence is love. It is when the person forgets to love, or hasn't been taught the many aspects of love, that he becomes fearful or angry. Accept yourself as you are today and then accept the people whom you help as they are today. When you can love yourself without judgment, then you are prepared to love others as God does.

Too many times people think I can't help anyone; I don't have either money, time, energy, the means, or the way. But everyone has the time to say a prayer. Always remember this is the best gift to offer. everyone has the energy to love if they have love in their hearts at all times. Everyone can acknowledge another human being with a smile, a nod of the head, or a common courtesy. It doesn't take a lot to help. It takes a willingness to love people. People want to be acknowledged and accepted as living, breathing, human beings.

When you can accept people, really accept them without trying to change them, then you are loving as God loves. God gives everyone the freedom to choose, and to make their own decisions. He accepts that you are in the situation of your choice. He awaits you to ask for His help. This is how to accept your loved ones, friends, and all people. Remember, they have the right to choose how to live their life, how to believe, whom to love, and when to call on God.

What do you do when you see a loved one in the throes of an addiction, or in a behavior pattern that depletes their soul of love, joy, and health? You pray, you pray, and you pray more. You tell them your concerns with love and offer to help in anyway that they feel is appropriate for them. You do this once, then you make no comment with your voice or your face. You cannot change another person. If you preach to them, thinking this is how to get them to change, you are acting in vain. You can pray and love them unconditionally. You can be ready to help when called upon. But with people who have addictions, be sure your help isn't the kind of help that aids them to stay in their addiction. Be sure that, if there are emotional or mental health problems, you have help from a trained person, or doctor in that field.

If you find that you are loving a person that has a void within their heart, remember you cannot fill that void. Only they can heal the issues that have caused the void. As those issues are being healed, the void will become less pronounced. Again pray for them, asking for good to enter their lives. Pray for your loved one to see and know the truth that will set them free.

There are many ways to love, these are but a few. I urge you to live with an underlying basis of love, a heart filled with joy, and an inner peace. This is how to help the world, as you help yourself, and your loved ones. You are my beloved children, I am well pleased with each of you, as you learn to love without judgment, without reservation, and without limit. Thank you for listening to me.

Mary, Mother of Jesus.

This is Byron's section

It seems that I never know what I will be writing about in my section of the newsletter. Generally, whatever is on my mind or what I am currently working on becomes the subject. Often, of course, as I learn something new relative to Earth changes or preparedness in general, that becomes a likely candidate. But this month it seems kind of quiet on the Earth changes front (except for all the rain and flooding), and I've covered many of the main subjects in the past. But how do new readers find out about these subjects? Well, many of the better topics have been added as appendices in the later printings of my Survival Guide. But for those that have already read the Survival Guide, it doesn't make a lot of sense to have to buy another one just for these.

Well, I've found another way to make this information available and lead into what I've currently been working on. So, if you are one of the many now getting "connected" to the Internet and the World Wide Web (WWW), we have a web home page for B&A Products, and Byron and Annie Kirkwood. Our web page address is:

As a matter of fact, we've had a page for some time now thanks to the efforts of my son Brian, who on his own created one to show me what we might be able to do. Brian has picked up my skill and love for computers and taken it forward. He now works in the computer field and has become a Novell CNE and has Microsoft and other forms of certification. Where I used to be the computer "expert" in the family, Brian now exceds me and I now turn to him with questions. Brian has encouraged me to learn how to create my own web page and program the pages in what is called HTML (HyperText Markup Language), the programming language for Internet web pages. Now I'm going crazy adding information to our web page. As an example, I've picked out what I consider the best of my preparedness articles from previous newsletters and added them to our web page under the index of "Newsletter Preparedness Info." This includes subjects such as storing water, shelters, a primer on becoming a ham radio operator, an emergency food primer, and many more. I've also added the text from Annie and Mother Mary's sections of the most recent newsletters. This includes Mother Mary's notification from the June 1996 issue (#28) telling about the "grace period" we have been granted to give us more time to prepare ourselves.

Another section I'm particularly proud of is the "Q&A" (Question and Answer) section where I address some of the more popular or frequent questions we are asked about Mary's Message and our other books. This includes what we tell those that ask about reincarnation, Mary's other children, and includes some of the questions about Earth changes, including the delay of the major changes (the grace period). I have also added my "How to Meditate for the Spiritually Dense" article for those that tell us they have trouble meditating. I suspect that this section will grow as more questions are asked where others would be interested in hearing the answer.

I have also added a section that provides the "Latest Info" about the web page, B&A, and the Kirkwood's, including Annie's latest broken ankle. I've enhanced our B&A Products catalog section by adding the latest catalog items, and adding pictures wherever they are appropriate. If you visit the web page catalog and see an item that is underlined and in a different color than the main text, you can double click (with the computer's mouse button) on this item and the picture and/or other information is presented to you. I have also added the detail lists of my custom-made emergency kits. Although I have shown the items list for my Back Pack Emergency Kits in our catalog, I didn't have the large Portable kit's list. Now on the web page you can bring this entire list up on your computer and print it out on your printer. These lists are a very good starting point for developing your own emergency kit and you are welcome to use it. That is why I've made it available. And of course, if you don't want to have to take the time and effort to make your own kit, we will be glad to provide you with one of ours. You can now also "click" on the kits page and see a picture of the contents of our SURVIVOR (full) Back Pack kit.

For th ose that are interested in the long shelf-life foods, I have added the entire price list for Ready Reserve Foods and AlpineAire Foods. The Ready Reserve's page also has a breakout of the contents of the "Monthly Case" program, where you can get a full year's supply one month at a time.

On another page I've added information about my new business book, titled How to Get Started in Your Own Business for the New Entrepreneur. I finally went ahead and self-published my book. For those that may not know about this venture, it is a book that Annie encouraged me to write. As she's travelled and met people, she has found that there are a lot of metaphysical and new age people who are starting their own business, or wanting to go into business for themselves, who don't know the foggiest about business. They don't know even the basics of how to get started. That is what this book covers--how to get started. It covers little details like how to set up a bank account, accept checks so as to avoid bad checks, get established to accept credit cards, how to do record-keeping, choosing a computer system, how to write a simple business plan, pricing your product or service, and much, much more. What it doesn't tell you is what business to go into that part is up to you. But it can help you get started faster and improve your chances of success. Or, it may even talk you out of going into a business where you haven't thought out some of the basic details thus saving you a lot of grief, pride, and money. I do talk a little about the specific businesses where I have experience: mail order, book writing and publishing, and using newsletters to promote your product or service.

If you are considering starting your own business, you really need this book, especially if you've never been in business for yourself before. You may even know 90% of the material, but the other 10% could save you. On the back of this newsletter I've provided additional information about the book. If you have questions about the business book or the Internet, feel free to call me or email me at:

Sincerely -- Byron

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