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August/September 1998 Issue #41

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This is Annie's section

Dear Friends,

Im getting better and better all the time. My health/energy still ebbs and flows. In the last few months Ive dealt more with the psychological adjustments than the physical. Long before Mother Mary began to come to me, Id prayed for a healing of body, mind, and soul. Ive been healing the long-held emotional and mental angers and fears. Now its time to heal the body. I dont think my soul ever needed healing because its the part of me that retains my original pattern. In my original state I am perfect, just as you are. But to access that state, Ive had to let go of a lot of junk and garbage such as: resentments, phobias, fear, rage, shame, guilt, pride, and co-dependency.

It sounds like Ive arrived and dont have these issues anymore. In reality, they still rear their ugly head from time to time, causing me to feel "bad." I no longer rage, but I do get angry. I no longer have phobias, but I can become fearful. Now that Ive experienced the peace and joy of living without the bad feelings, I can more easily let go of them when they do arise in my life. Thank you for your continual prayers; they are helping me tremendously. I count your prayers as one of my greatest blessings.

There are times Im ashamed of my physical ailments. As you see, Im not completely done with my shame issues. The shame of illness happens more often when Im around people who think that having an ailment is not spiritual. They think that being spiritual means a magical life without pain or need of any kind. My intent is not to discount their belief. If that is how their spirituality is experienced, then I say more power to them. I asked to be healed in body, mind and soul, so its taking me longer. Im now clearing away issues that have been with me through hundreds of years. Its more important to rid myself of this old garbage than to look spiritual.

Sherry Hansen Steiger sent me a copy of her new book, The Power of Prayer to Heal and Transform Your Life. She includes a prayer that is often listed as "source unknown." Sherry says its one of her favorite prayers, and she has seen it attributed to St. Francis.

I Asked God
I asked God for strength, that I might achieve.
I was made weak, that I might learn to obey.
I asked God for health, that I might do great things.
I was given infirmity, that I might do better things.
I asked God for riches, that I might be happy.
I was given poverty, that I might be wise.
I asked God for power, that I might have approval.
I was given weakness, that I might feel the need for God.
I asked for all things, that I might enjoy life.
I was given life, that I might enjoy all things.
I got nothing that I asked for, but everything I hoped for,
I am among all people, most richly blessed!
-St. Francis

I highly recommend Sherry Steigers book. She tells wonderful stories of real-life cases. Plus, she gives her views on how to teach your children to pray. It helped remind me of how many ways prayer helps us.

I recently watched an HBO Special titled, "The Innocent Ones." If you have the it. You too will be moved to do more for the children of the world. Its a documentary about the difficulties children in different countries live in, in order to survive. Not only is poverty highlighted, but abuse. There are young girls in Africa who are given to a tribal priest as tribal virgins to become slaves for their religions. These girls live their entire lives in slavery in the homes of the priest. In Africa and Asia many children are sold into slavery. They work from before dawn to after dark all of their lives, without pay, or anyone to care.

The film showed street children in Central America who are addicted to glue. This is the glue that has been banned here in America. In film clips you saw how children are treated in orphanages and mental institutions. In many countries around the world children who are mentally retarded and have cerebral palsy are locked away, for life. I have a son who is mentally retarded, and this really touched me in a very sensitive spot. Also shown were children in many nations who become prostitutes because that is the only way they can earn a living. And still, they live in such poverty it is heart-wrenching. My heart went out to the children. They represented thousands of children world wide. The documentary didnt exclude any continent. It showed the dire and sad ways children live here in our own USA.

I remember Mother Marys admonition to pray for Her children as I watched this. I also remember Her saying that the first thing we should do for our loved ones is to pray for them, because it was the best we could offer. My heart has been in prayer since I watched this film. What great changes we can make in childrens lives around the world, if we pray for them, daily. Join me in praying for the children of the world. Remember, its the best thing we can do. I believe in the power of prayer to change things that can be changed. Abuse, addiction, and ignorance certainly can be changed. Children need our prayers. In the film clips, the children looked hopeless, lost, and unloved.

We can make a difference in our world. Often we think there is nothing we can do, but each of us can pray. We can send our love to all children, and into the trouble spots on our planet. Please dont forget the children. Until next time, I remain your friend, who sends you love.

Annie Kirkwood.

This is Mother Mary's section

My dear children,

I come to you in joy and a heart filled with love. It is through Gods love that I am with you. It is because He is love that we are one. His love is the means of communication which allows us to join our spirits in joy and peace.

Daily seek to live in joy. There is a sense of joy nestled within life; do all you can to find it. There is peace you can experience as you live your life in Gods love. It is Gods life force that animates you daily. He is closer than your breath, your heartbeat, or your thoughts. He is more alive than you and more loving than you can imagine. Live to enjoy your life. Enjoy your work, your family, and your life issues. Enjoy all phases of your life. Do not decry any part of your life, because it is through the experience of living that you are alive. Many times you are more alive in times of distress.

If for any reason you are not enjoying your life, then seek to find what negates your joy. When you find the issues that keep you from experiencing joy, do all you can to release them, forgive them, and let them all go. Let nothing interfere in your joyful, peaceful existence.

You can bring more joy into your life through your prayers and meditations. As you concentrate on joy, you may notice the situations and circumstances in your life that are not joyous. You may first become aware of the experiences that need to be released and forgiven. Forgive, my children, for through forgiveness you are guided into more peace and joy than you had before experienced. I am asking you to find the peace that passes all understanding.

Rejoice, for you are loved; you are filled with a life force that allows you to make your own choices. Rejoice that you are capable of experiencing. Be grateful and rejoice that you can love, that you can become peaceful. Rejoice in your communications with God. Rejoice that you are filled with His spirit. Rejoice that you are alive. Let your whole life be a reflection of the joy that God has in you. Let your whole being reflect the love that God has for you.

Now my children, pray that you may be of service to Him. Let God guide you in ways to express your joy. Let God take you by the hand and lead you in ways of exhibiting His great love. There are many ways to express your joyful, peaceful, loving nature. You can demonstrate Gods love in your life, through your compassion, kindness, and caring. There are many ways to do this. You can bring kindness and caring into neglectful situations. You can deal with people with compassion and understanding. You can show Gods love in your life by caring for yourself and your loved ones without judgment. You can demonstrate your caring by helping the downtrodden, hungry, and the elderly. But most of all you can express your joy and love through your prayers for all people regardless of religion, race, culture, or nationality.

In angry or warring situations you can bring an element of peace through your understanding and tolerance. Where there is strife, let your peace bring a voice of reason. Where there is anger, let your whole being reflect Gods peace. Let your words, thoughts, and deeds serve to enhance instead of deter. Let your prayers rise up in love. Be quick to forgive all that is hurtful or cruel. Be the first to forgive, the first to understand, and the first to return all situations to a peaceful state.

Let your joy reflect in your ability to see the humor in all situations. Let your joy infect others with pleasure. In strife filled circumstances, do not become caught up in the strife, but look for the joy, the good, the blessing in that eventuality. When you can maintain your joy in times of strife, you will go a long way towards promoting peace. When you can help others to have fun, you will be working for peace. When you can shed pleasure in peoples life, you are being loving as God is.

Give people the opportunity to laugh and to find the joy in their lives. Many times people become too serious in their lives. They forget to enjoy the common things. There is joy in rising early to watch a sunrise. There is joy in talking or playing with children. There is joy in admiring nature. Enjoy your locality. Let yourself enjoy the deserts, the seashores, the meadows, the woodlands, and the marshes. Let yourself find pleasure in the birds, and small creatures of God. Let yourself find the pleasure of a simple conversation. Help your neighbor in any way you can, and let your neighbor help you.

Seriously seek to find God within you and within your life. Then seriously have fun as you work, as you care for your loved ones, and as you go about your daily task. Become joyful in your entire being. Let your joy be in having a good, sturdy connection to God. Let your pleasure be in having dialogue with God. Let joy enhance your workday. Let peace be your priority. Let love be how you live your life. Do all you can, in your own way, to become joyful peacemakers on earth now.

Jesus said, "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God." You are already Gods child; now become peaceful, so that you can be the peacemaker. Take stock of your life. Ferret out all those resentments, envies, animosities, indignation, fears, phobias, and any depleting emotion. Do not let any bitterness of past events deter you from experiencing peace, love, or joy. In order for you to become a peacemaker, you must first cleanse your heart and mind of all depleting emotions, all contrary thought patterns, and all strife in your life. When you have done this, you become not only peaceful but joyful and more loving than you have ever been.

As the Psalmist said, "Make a joyful noise unto the Lord." He also said, "Serve God with gladness." You too can serve God with gladness and with love. Serve God by doing all you can to become the peaceful, joyful, loving person you were created to be. You can do this, my children. I am sure that you have all the capabilities, the know-how and the means to become a joyful, loving, and peaceful person. You can reflect Gods love in your locality. You can be instrumental in living your life in peaceful, joyful ways. You teach more by example than with your words. Let your life be the means you teach others to find their truth, their peace, and their joy.

Remember always that I am loving you and praying with you. You are dear, you are wonderful, you are my child, whom I love.

Mary, Mother of Jesus.

This is Byron's section

4th of July message from Mother Mary

This is a message given to Annie Kirkwood, author of Marys Message to the World, on July 4th, 1998. I (Byron) asked when this was supposed to happen and Annie wasnt given any additional information, except that this was a message she was supposed to share with others. So here it is. After you read it you will know as much as we do.

I call each of you to prayer. Many people are getting the inner message of major changes which are coming your way. These changes will not be as expected, but will be just as crippling as the direst predictions. They will come about through government, banking institutions, and telecommunications. Your power sources will be interrupted, and your life will change drastically. Again, not as you envision it, but in other ways that will gain your complete attention.

All change is good, keep this in mind. All change will eventually lead to good, when you look for the good in every situation and circumstance. These changes will not linger for a long time, but they will be an interruption of your life as you know it now. What will happen is that people will find other things to entertain them, and other things that are of value. During this time, you (mankind) will reevaluate your life, assets, and what you consider of value.

Pray for the West, for from the West will come the major changes. It will begin at the line of demarcation between West and East, but will encompass the whole world. Many different kinds of changes will take place during this time. The earth will move and shake. Large cities will feel the movement. In some there will be devastation and in others only a huge amount of fear will be felt among the population. The earth will spew forth its inner core in many areas of the world. In other areas you will have floods, and in many areas there will be drought. You will wonder that we are in a grace period.

You are in a period of grace. You are not experiencing the worst. You can delay and minimize future events, if you will continue to live in love instead of fear. You, who hear this message, will bring about a healing to the people of earth if you pray and if you concentrate on peacefulness and compassion. This then is my request, that you ask people to pray for a peaceful heart and for a compassionate nature. You will bring about greater changes than you imagine with prayer. Pray for the West.

This countries western coastal waters are stirring up and will generate more than you can imagine. The land will tremble with tremors and spewing of volcanic gasses. Pray for your fellow citizens.

People will know what to do. Just as people know what to do in any major change in their lives. People who have never been parents know innately how to love and guide their children. People who had never been married know how to live a life of dual partnership after they become marital partners and parents. This is how it will work during these changes.

Listen my children, listen to your soul. Listen to your heart and listen to your guidance. Have confidence in your inner connection to God, our Creator. He will guide each of you to your right place. I am loving you, as I pray with you for the world and the children of the world.

Mary, Mother of Jesus

TulsaWorld article and update of y2k

On July 19th I was featured on the front page of the TulsaWorld newspaper. The article discussed the preparations we and others are making for the Year 2000 (y2k) computer bug. Of course, in our case, the preparations have been for Earth changes, but the preparation is basically the same.

The reporter, Joe Robertson, had found our Internetweb page and apparently we were the closest people in his area to discuss y2k preparations. Joe made the hour and a half drive from Tulsa to visit us. Quite appropriately, while I was discussing what might happen if we lost utility power, the local rural (power) co-op arranged a demonstration, as the power went off for over an hour. We went to lunch and upon our return, power was restored.

The following day their photographer arrived to take pictures for the article. The picture they selected was with me standing in our orchard under a peach tree holding a bumper sticker I had been sent, with the message "They Laughed At Noah." Joe had seen this on my wall the previous day and was impressed with the message it contained.

The article was a fairly good one. It was syndicated and has been picked up by Florida and Kentucky newspapers. And a reporter from the Fort Worth Star Telegram called to interview me by phone. His questions indicated to me that his approach was going to be an interview with the "kooks."

If you want to read the article in its entirety and you have access to the Internet, it is at:

Status of food orders ... lead times

In my April/May (1998) newsletter I wrote "Nows the Time!" emphasizing the need to get serious about your food and water storage. The y2k has created a demand for long shelf-life food, water filters, and BayGen radios, and backorders and long lead times are occurring. The lead time on food products is currently eight weeks ARO (after receipt of order), but I suspect this will soon increase. One of the competitors is currently quoting an eight month lead time. So dont wait and be sorry. Im telling my customers, "Do something, even if its wrong!"


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