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Today I want to discuss FEAR as it relates to survival. When we start discussing the predicted earth changes, it brings up our two greatest fears. The fear of death and the fear of change. I'm no different. One of the reasons I wrote the Survival Guide (S-G) and started my physical survival preparation, was to overcome my fear of the unknown; "What would I do if these things really happen?" I have to be doing something. Consider this, when you're taking some sort of action, you are not as likely to be afraid.

From the back cover of the S-G: It is understandable that these predictions will cause fear in many people. That is not the intent! The intent is to start people thinking about the things they should be doing now, to prepare to survive these events, if that is their destiny.

To combat fear, we can do a couple of things: 1). Develop a strong spiritual connection (as discussed in chapter 8 of the S-G), and 2). Plan. An example of planning is the "fire drills" practiced in public schools. These are carried out so the children won't panic, if or when, a fire actually occurs.

Consider these two kinds of fear. The fear that causes you to recognize danger and take action is good. The fear that paralyzes you to inaction is bad.

The first step in overcoming fear is to recognize it for what it is fear. I've heard it said, "90% of what we fear never happens, and the other 10% we can't do anything about." Well, maybe we can do something about it we can prepare!

I hope this will help you recognize the potential for fear, and how it relates to the earth changes.