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Blog | Flu Epidemic Still Thriving In Spring

This Air-Aid mask has activated carbon. It captures 99.9% of airborne viruses and other agents or dust verses a gas mask that is only 99.5% effective against allergens commonly most noticeable during the spring months when everything is in bloom. This mask can provide much relief if used outdoors while working in the yard or garden. The Air Aid mask can also be effective on jobsites where there is a lot of dust from ground work or construction. It's suitable during most any emergency. This includes the dangers of a natural disaster or the harmful effects that happen during a biological or chemical event.

The Airaid Mask was designed by a Chemical Engineer that has worked in biological and chemical warfare. It uses proven and tested technology with both bacterial and activated carbon filter stages. This life saving Air-Aid mask can provide a stopgap measure to give you the extra time to exit the contaminated area. 

The Airaid mask is shipped in a flat plastic package 4" x 8" x approximately/8" thick. Storage shelf-life is indefinite if left in sealed package. 

There's nothing else like it on the market. Considering its size, weight, price and capability.