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Note: the following four maps are shown in detail on separate pages:
Ashton Pitre's Map, Aron Abrahamsen's Earth Change Map,
Dolores Cannon's Nostradamus Map and Chet Snow's Map (not mentioned in the article).

This information is from the "Mary's Message/Newsletter," August/September 1995, Byron's Blue Sheet. Some of the information regarding the maps have changed and will be noted. Several of the maps are available for viewing, denoted by a highlighted link.


By now you probably all know about the maps showing how the United States (and the world) will look after the Earth Changes take place. People often ask me, "Which one is right?" The generic answer is something like, "All of them and none of them." They all show that something very significant is expected to happen in our near future that land and water masses will change places. Some areas that are now above water, will be below water. And some land masses are expected to rise notably the lost continents of Atlantis and/or Lemuria. I like to point out that all (or at least most) of the maps "could" have been "right" when they were done, but our consciousness changes our future and potentially the shape of our planet in this future scenario.

There are currently three commercially printed maps available (note 1). I was told by Gordon-Michael Scallion, of the Matrix Institute, that he had seen over 20 such maps. The first map that was made available is the I Am America map by Lori Toye. It was first printed and released in May 1989. In August 1993, Gordon-Michael Scallion introduced his Future Map of the United States. These two maps are similar, but have noticeable differences. As an example, on the I Am America map, Dallas is a seaport. While on the Future Map of the United States, Dallas is over 100 miles inland. Both maps show the major part of the West coast gone (i.e. underwater) and a country divided by a large body of water (a wide Mississippi River). The Future map shows the country completely divided with the Great Lakes draining into the Gulf of Mexico. The I Am America map does not completely cut the country in half.

In 1994 Lori Toye released her Freedom Star world map. This shows her version of the shape of the land and water masses after the Earth Changes have happened. It is a large map with lots of comments, but any particular area (ex: America) is fairly small on the large map.

I have seen several other maps. The spiral bound booklet, The New Earth, by Aron and Doris Abrahamsen, contains their version of a United States map and another two pages showing a world map. The booklet has comments about particular areas of the world and what they have been told would happen to those areas.

Mary Summer Rain (native American author of 12 books) has her Question-and-Answer book, Daybreak that contains several maps. The two that are pertinent to this article are her "Flood Hazard Regions of the United States (Pole Shift Related)" on page 611 and "Pole Shift Realignment Configuration New Axis Position After Pole Shift" on page 509 (also see page 510). Some of her other maps include hazardous areas for hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, nuclear power plants, hate groups, etc.

Dolores Cannon has authored a number of books. Within her three-volume set of Conversations with Nostradamus, Volume II has the map(s) given to her by Nostradamus for after the Earth shift. On page 296 is the page showing the United States, followed by Canada, South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia (on the following pages). These maps represent the most dramatic changes of any I've seen. Dolores is quick to point out that this is the "worst case" scenario. Her map shows one large land area in the middle of the U.S. with several other small masses/islands.

The last map I want to mention was drawn by Ashton Pitre in Marble Falls, Texas (near Austin). Ashton had been getting messages since the 50's and everyone thought he was crazy. When he read Mary's Message to the World, he was excited to receive confirmation of what he'd been receiving and called us to introduce himself. His U.S. map is somewhat similar to the others, but again there are noticeable differences. I am offering Ashton's map free, if you buy any of the other items on the back of this newsletter (order Stock #0000, at N/C [No Cost]).

One use of the maps is for people to locate "safe areas" as I mentioned in my previous (April/May 1995 issue) newsletter. However, you ultimately want to take that question into your meditation and receive your own guidance on what is "right" for you and your family. Another use is to help people (that know what is predicted) introduce the predictions to others. It has quite a strong visual effect the first time you see the maps, especially if the area where you are currently located is under water on the maps. It's kind of like getting someone's attention with a baseball bat!

Sincerely Byron

Note 1: Gordon-Michael Scallion now has a map of North America and of the World. His Future Map of the United States has been replaced by the Future Map of North America. (Note: B&A Products no longer carries the Gordon-Michael Scallion maps.)
Note 2: Lori Toye now has an I Am America Six Map Scenario and a map of her Golden Cities.

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