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Blog | Why Prepare? (for Earth changes)

Well, 1994 is only a little over a month old and we, as a country, have already experienced the devastating LA earthquake and a record-breaking freeze in the northern and eastern parts of the country. At the last count I remember, something like 50 people died as a result of the quake and 130 as a result of the winter freeze. The number of people that were without water and electricity, and those that are still displaced from their homes as a result of the quake, are almost unbelievable. But as you may know "we ain't seen nothing yet!"

Annie and I get a lot of letters and phone calls as a result of our books. One of the questions we are sometimes asked is, "why (physically) prepare for the upcoming earth changes?" Some people seem to think that to "physically prepare" is somehow "anti-spiritual." Others feel that preparing creates the wrong reality.

I remember listening to a tape of "Abraham Speaks" by Ester and Jerry Hicks, that asked the question, "Does the squirrel create winter by storing nuts?" To take this one step further, "do we create our own reality by buying insurance?" Could we stop death by canceling our life insurance policies, eliminate illness, car wrecks or save our homes from fires or other disasters by refusing to pay for insurance? I don't think so!

Many years ago, while taking a law course, I learned a term to "test reality." It went something like this, "What would a `prudent person' do ... in this situation?" Maybe another way of saying it is, "what would someone with GOOD SENSE do under these circumstances?" Well, most of us still have our insurance policies on our lives, automobiles and homes. I see preparing for the upcoming earth changes like buying insurance you hope you never need it, but you want it in place if disaster strikes. In Mary's Message the Predictions Chapter was given "for those who believe, to have time to prepare ... Mary is concerned for both the spiritual well-being of mankind and for its physical well-being" (page 6). But I also feel that to take physically preparing to an extreme and neglect our spiritual advancement would be inappropriate.

However, each one of us is individual and unique. Preparing, for one person, will mean one thing and for another, something different. As an example, I am a Taurus, an ex-Boy Scout (motto "Be Prepared"), very tied to the earth, and I have this strong need to "be organized" in everything I do. Thus I found that I was able to concentrate more on my spiritual advancement, after I had some of my physical preparations accomplished (taken my first aid course, put water aside, etc).

Your attitude also makes a difference. Are you preparing in a fearful attitude? Or, are you preparing because you are a prudent person, using common sense? When you are preparing from a fearful attitude, that sets the whole tone of your life and how you view your future. When you use common sense, then you react like the squirrel putting away the nuts; then you go on with your life.

Something we often forget is that our physical life and our spiritual life are intertwined. Some people approach things from one side (ex: physical) and others from the other side (ex: spiritual). Thus what we really need is a balance in our life between the spiritual aspect and what we are striving to accomplish on the physical plane. And there are those of us that are intended to perpetuate the race through the earth changes and the polar shift. Not to prepare for this would be as wrong as to not prepare spiritually. So don't be so fast to judge what others are doing as "wrong" by your standards. They are on their own path and they have their own purpose. And this purpose may involve physically preparing for the upcoming events. Instead of criticizing them, encourage them they may be the balancing agent to support your spiritual efforts.