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Blog | Winterize your water craft with the Original Safety Siphon Hose

The summer season is nearing its end, and winter is on its way.  Time to prepare your boats and fun summer toys to be put away for the season. Make sure you use proper care when winterizing your boat and water craft by making sure you keep all the hoses and lines from weathering and becoming dry rotted or rusting. These repairs can get very costly the next time you want to go out for a nice day on the lake. To help ensure you have no issues next spring, when you head for the lake or beach, it is recommended that all fuels and liquids be removed before the winter. The Original Safety Siphon Hose, is not only safer, it does the work for you. No tasting nasty chemicals or dangerous fluids to risk getting in your mouth. Purchase yourOriginal Safety Siphon Hoses today and winterize your Boat or water craft safely and easily!