How to Get Started in Your Own Business for the New Entrepreneur

by Byron Kirkwood

If you are considering starting your own, first-time business, this book is for you. It covers the basics, the things you want and need to know. The simple stuff, and some of the not-so-simple stuff, but explained in easy-to-understand terms. It is intended to help you avoid some of the pitfalls others have made and save you time having to ask others, "How do I ..." or "Where do I go to ..."

Here is a list of the chapters and appendices in How to Get Started in Your Own Business for the New Entrepreneur:

  • Starting the New Business
  • A Computer System
  • The Business Plan
  • Financing Your New Business
  • Marketing
  • Pricing Your Product or Service
  • Advertising and Promotion
  • Accounting and Record-Keeping
  • Doing Business and Staying in Business
  • Considerations for Specific Businesses
  • News Releases
  • Check List for Starting Your Business
  • Projected Cash Flow
  • Example Five P Marketing Plan
  • References
  • Sample Chart of Accounts

    Detailed information covers how to accept checks, get established to accept credit cards, choosing an accountant, selecting computer application programs for your business, the advantages of being in business for yourself, a simple way to understand what marketing is...and much, much more.

    My wife Annie, the author of the best-selling book Mary's Message to the World, encouraged me to write this book because she has met so many people who want to go into business for themselves and don't have the foggiest idea what to do next or have any understanding of basic business principles. Annie says, "Too often business books are written by business people for other business people to read...and there's nothing out there for someone like myself."

  • Well, here it is...How to Get Started in Your Own Business for the New Entrepreneur.
    120-pages, 8-1/2" x 11" spiral-bound.

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    If you don't have the time or money to get your MBA, you can find out how to get your DBA by reading this simple little book.

  • Why is this book important to you?
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  • Why is this book important to you?

    With so many companies "down-sizing," many people are afraid they are not going to have a job; people are considering what they will do next.

    Many are wanting to go into business for themselves. What business ... I don't know ... they probably don't even know. They just know they want to work for themselves, not to have to answer to anyone, not to be afraid of upsetting the boss. They want to bring "control" back into their lives. The American Dream (not the home, the other one), is to work for yourself, to be your own boss.

    People are tired of working for a company that has no employee loyalty; they are tired of all the games that go on in the corporate environment the back-biting, the gossip, the fear of reprisal if they "blow the whistle." They want the freedom to think for themselves, to act for themselves, to be able to make decisions for themselves, to bring their ideas to completion, to be able to take credit for their own accomplishments, and to receive the rewards for a job well done.

    What's the downside of this dream? Failure, loss of esteem, a deflated ego, loss of their life savings, maybe even divorce and family problems.

    How can they avoid failure? Well it helps to plan, to become as knowledgeable as possible, to do their homework before they join the world of the "un-employed/self-employed."

    If you have never been in business for yourself before, and are considering starting your own business, this book was written for you.

    About the author

    Byron Kirkwood is the owner of B&A Products, a mail-order company marketing products for spiritual advancement and emergency preparedness. He is the author of the Survival Guide for the New Millennium and has co-authored two books with his wife, Annie. He is truly an entrepreneur, having started several companies. He has an MBA from SMU in Dallas and his undergraduate work is in Electrical Engineering at UT Arlington.

    DBA means "Doing Business As" (or the same as an "Assumed Name")

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