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December/January 2000 Issue #55

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This is Annie's section

Dear Friends,

I hope you had as wonderful a Thanksgiving as we did. We enjoyed being with familynot all of it under ideal conditions, but nonetheless, it was good. My mother is ninety years old, yes, 90! My visit with her was wonderful. We chatted and just sat and held hands. I realized that there were so many things I wanted to say and hadnt. In previous newsletters Ive written about the letters of appreciation that Mother Mary and The Brotherhood suggested we write to each other at Christmassome of my Letters have become quick notes written on Christmas cards. I have many of the letters I received over the years, and I love to reread them. They fill me with as much joy five or ten years later as they did the first time I read them.

This month I dedicate my part of the newsletter to my mother in appreciation. She is a strong lady, who raised three equally strong children. And...needless to say, we clashed on occasion. But this Christmas I choose to remember her this way. I could not relate the many blessings, Ill simply tell you some of the lessons I really appreciate.

Mother loves to work and taught me to honor and enjoy work. When she retired at sixty-five, she held two jobs. She was a Headstart Teachers Aide and also taught English as a second language to Spanish-speaking adults. She taught me to do my work well and to relish the sense of accomplishment.

She loves to teach, and her love for teaching has been passed on to my sister, who recently had an elementary school in Fort Worth, Texas named for her. My sister, Alice, taught fourth grade and was the first Hispanic woman named to the school administration staff in the Fort Worth public schools. Mother has been thrilled to see three of her four granddaughters and one granddaughter-in-law become teachers.

Mother loves babies and children. Through their innocence she rediscovers the world. One of my first memories as a girl of eight was when our family scrubbed (mother never cleanedshe scrubbed) my sisters first apartment before she married. My job was to wash the woodwork. She gave me a little pail of liquid elbow grease. It was magic! That elbow grease worked wonders, it was so easy to clean with. After a while it wasnt working. I wanted more elbow grease added to my pail. She asked my dad to fix me another pail of elbow grease and told me that I had to stay inside the house while he prepared it. Being the curious and nosey kid that I was, I snuck out back and watched. I was so disappointed to see him fill the little pail with water from the outdoor water hydrant and only add soap. That day, I learned that elbow grease came from my own effort. I was not happy at the time, but it was a good lesson to learn.

Mother taught me to love beauty and create beautiful things. In her younger years she was an accomplished seamstress. There was nothing she liked better than to sew clothes. When my nieces were teenagers, at times, they stopped by Grannys to ask her to sew a dress or blouse for the next day. Mother was in her element; she loved sewing and deadlines. She would complete the garment for them in one night and still go to work the next day. They nicknamed her, Granny Good Witch, because she was able to perform what they thought was impossible.

Mother loves brides as much as she loves babies and little children. She created beautiful wedding gowns for family members and friends. She could have been the Vera Wang of the 50s, but said she didnt know how to price her work because it gave her so much pleasure. Because of her talent I got to be the flower girl in several weddings.

She taught me to create beauty in my surroundings. Mother could take a can of paint, a little wallpaper, some scraps of material, a little thread, and turn an ugly, cold house into a warm, homey place. Most of our lives we lived on a low income, yet she created beauty economicallyoften not only beautifying the house, but changing a weed-infested mound of black dirt into a garden that could have been used in a magazine layout. She loves houseplants and still has African Violets on her windowsill.

Throughout the years we had a fairly good relationship, and she has been my greatest teacher. She believes in family and being there for her children when we needed her, despite any difficulties. Both she and my father were my greatest supporters when I chose to bring my Downs baby home against medical advice. They taught me to cope with his handicaps by accepting him, just as he was. They loved him without condition or expectation. He has been a happier person because of them and my familys total acceptance.

As we held hands and talked, she said she is ready for whatever the future brings. Mother was very active in her church. She taught Sunday school and held positions in both regional and state-wide conferences. She totally supports me in this work and is very proud to have had a small part in it. In this work she has never criticized me. She believes it all happened as I described it and for that I will always be grateful.

Life has not been easy for her, yet she helped people through her good works, enthusiasm, and dedication to duty. I appreciate and am grateful to her for my life. I choose to remember the good, and let go of any hurtful memories. I choose to be joyful in her continuation through life. I choose to view our complicated and intricate bond as beneficial, and let go of the parts that were not.

This is to my mother, Mary Griffinthank you for being the best mother you knew how to be. I love you. I appreciate all the years we have been together. I really appreciate all the lessons I learned through you. I appreciate so many things about our relationship that it would be hard to put it all into words. Have a good life as you continue to grow in spirit and in God.

This is to each of you who are reading this newsletter. I appreciate you, even if I dont see or hear from you. This work is done because of Mother Mary, but I cannot belittle your input in the total picture. You are important to me and to humanity; we need you, we love you, and we appreciate you. Merry Christmas; and may you be blessed with a hugely prosperous and abundant New Year.

Annie Kirkwood

This is Mother Mary's section

My dear children,

It is with great love that I seek you. Once again you celebrate the birth of the Christ-child. Christ is more than a person; he is the imbuement of God in man. The birth of the Christ-child in Jesus was to demonstrate to humanity that God is more than they had been led to believe. Even in this most advanced day and age, you do not have the intelligence, the capacity, to fully understand the fullness, the greatness, the magnificence of God. He is so much more than you think, believe, or feel. God is more loving than you can know.

He is more Divine than you can understand. He is more in every way than humanity can recognize. If you can remember this when you look at the images of the Christ-child as he is depicted on cards, pictures, and airwaves you will begin to expand your concept of the majesty of God. Another reason for the birth of the Christ-child was to openly show mankind that God is within their person, their body. That within each person is God waiting to be recognized. The birth of the Christ-child was not a one time event, but it spoke of the reawakening of your true spirit-self each day. Christmas, as you celebrate it on earth, is a time to visually demonstrate to your family and friends your love through the giving of gifts.

What I would ask of you is to imbue each gift with your love, your forgiveness, and your joyand to tell your friends and family of your love with words. It can be a simple line of I love you, or you mean so much to me, or some such sentiment. Too often you allow your gifts to speak for you and fail to speak or convey the words. Every person needs to hear of your affection and gratitude. At this time of year, many of you remember friends and family with letters of your and your familys accomplishments. In place of this type of letters, I request you send letters of appreciation. They need not be long, but a word or two written in appreciation will go a long way to healing anything that lingers from the past.

During this time of the year you remember the downtrodden, the poor, the homeless, and the ill. I ask that you remember them more often. It would be good to add these people to your prayer list and remember them more often than once a year. You could give some small gift to help others, once a month on the minimal. Your giving will be more beneficial if it comes in a timely fashion, instead of only as a yearly event. I would have you choose a specific group to assist. The poor need opportunities to change their circumstances, and at times need a word of encouragement more than they need money.

There are so many people to assist: the homeless, the imprisoned, people in mental institutions, orphans, and so many people who could be assisted, if you would only give of yourself.

Often it is easier to give money than it is to give of yourself. You have time, energy, love, hope, and prayers to offer, and that, my children, is only some of your more potent gifts.

I ask you to assist, not to change. I ask you to befriend, not to judge, and I ask you to mentor, not to control or alter in any way. But more than that, I ask you to pray for the people of this world, no matter their circumstances, choices, or decisions. Most of all, I ask that you give of yourself. You also have interest and attention that you could give another person. You have your prayers, your goodwill, your love, your joy, and your understanding that is needed.

Everyone has something to give; everyone has love. Remember that attention, appreciation, and goodwill are love. Even you, who feel you have nothing to give, have more than you know. You can pray, you can hold a positive thought of good will for people. You can use your words to speak truth and the truth is that God so loved humanity that he gave each of you your own special connection to Him. Through your inner connection to God, you are connected to every living thing on earth. It is God who connects us to each other. God and His wonderful life-force is the force flowing through the world.

Allow the Christ-child, who is the hope of the world, the joy in the future, and love for mankind, to awaken within you. The Christ-child and Christmas spirit can be with you every month of your year. You can have good will, keep a song of joy, and realize the hope that was present at Jesus birth. You can be cheerful and helpful at all times. One of the most beneficial things about Christmas is that you concentrate on other people. Your intention is to bring pleasure and joy to them. When you choose gifts for that person, your concentration is on them, and their likes and dislikes. Your whole desire is to bring them pleasure and that is what gives you pleasure. This is the feeling I ask you to carry throughout the yearthe pleasure and attention you give to other people.

My children, allow the Christ-child to live in your heart throughout the days of your life. My son, Jesus, said you were to receive the kingdom of God as a little child in order to enter. (Mark 10:15) This means you must have the acceptance, belief, and eagerness of a child. This is possible if you will keep the idea of the Christ-child residing in your heart of hearts. With this premise in place, you will find yourself filled to overflowing with the joy, hopefulness, and optimism of a child. You will look at your life and see the good, look at your fellowman and see his qualities, and look at your world and see ways of cooperation.

My little children, your prayers change world events, change global predictions, and change lives. Do not belittle your prayers, for this is the highest and the best that you can bestow upon another person. Often people say, All I can do is pray, as if it were such a small thing. It is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself, your loved ones and for your world. Appreciate your prayers, for they are truly a blessing not only for yourself, but for all who are included in your prayers.

Pray for your world daily. Pray for your life and your loved ones lives. Pray without ceasing, and watch miracles follow miracles. Keep faithful to your prayers, and seek ways to love, to live in peace, and to be hopeful. Keep faithful to your inner connection to God, and find ways to be cheerful, helpful, and loving. You are my beloved, and I am well-pleased with all who follow my request.

Mary, Mother of Jesus

This is Byron's section

Several months ago, a couple of readers with their husbands support, decided that they wanted to try to promote Mother Marys messages so they would have television exposure. They asked for letters from newsletter readers that would relate their experiences after reading Marys Message to the World, or any of the other books or the newsletter. The following is a summary of those letters. Thank you for your cooperation and support.

Annie Kirkwood

Mary Davis and I just wanted to thank all of you who responded to our request for personal experiences since reading Annies books. Were still not sure what to do with this information, so were presenting a summary to you in the hope that this summary will bless you as it has blessed us. Your letters and shared experiences were very impressive and touched our hearts.

Please let us know if you have any ideas or contacts for us. Like many of you, we want to promote this message.

Heres what you said has happened since reading Annies books:
It seems that reading Marys Message to the World has made the most impact on your lives. For most of you, Marys Message to the World was the first and most impressive book that you read. Your second favorite seems to be Messages to the Family for daily reading. Others have heard or seen Annie on radio or television programs or found help from the web site, newsletter, etc. Ironically, the angel that comes with each book reached most of you with, or through, the book.

To summarize, some of you feel that it is difficult to state how your lives have changed and to put some of your thoughts into words. But, most of you feel you have formed new and more positive beliefs, have a more personal and satisfying relationship with a very loving God, and many other positive or miraculous experiences have occurred in your lives since the initial reading of this book. Apparently, you liked the messages so much that many of you have read Marys Messages to the World several times, and each time you read it you gained more meaning and experienced love. Many of you purchased several copies of this book and gave it to family and friends. Some of you reported that the book fell off the shelf in the store or came to you in strange ways. Almost everyone felt that the book and its messages came to them at just the right time in their lives.

Additional comments include the following about the information you received:
1. it rang true; it felt like I already knew this; knew this since a child; but needed to hear/know it again; it answered many questions; it started a spiritual renaissance; it went to the deepest part of my heart and soul and the messages linger.
2. it changed my life, my beliefs; Ive gained spiritual insights and my life is now guided by these messages; Im a kinder and nicer person now, I feel validated, loved, precious to God.
3. it introduced me to a loving God; helped me experience this love or feel embraced by this love; now God is a best friend.
4. it helped save my marriage
5. it enabled me to realize subtle miracles
6. it helped me find peace, comfort, calmness, faith, strength during difficult times instead of panic; I called on God/Mary/Brotherhood in a crisis and received help

Additional experiences include:
1. I smelled roses or an incredibly sweet aroma; saw a rainbow; saw morning doves outside my window on the 15th of the month; saw images of Mary, Jesus, St. Thomas, St. Germaine, Archangel Michael, and other angels; got feelings, visions and other messages; dreamt of being embraced by a beautiful woman dressed in blue; saw an image of woman holding a child; felt I witnessed the opening of the veil between the seen and unseen; witnessed a nearly dead rose bush bloom; experiencedmore coincidences.
2. felt Mary had blessed them - a lost purse was returned with money and valuables intact; a rosary turned from silver tone to gold tone; a woman was instantly relieved of excruciating back pain when she prayed to Mary for a healing and has been strong and pain-free ever since; another woman channels Marys healing words/messages to others and healing energy from her hands during Reiki treatments.
3. feel led to share this information with others, feel led to pray for peace and perform kind acts especially on the 15th of the month.
4. meditate daily or regularly; reread the book(s) or sections of the book(s) almost daily or at least frequently for continuedinspiration or help.
5. a landscape artist now paints portraits of Mary, Archangel Michael, and guardian angels, another writes angel books for children.

Despite all of these wonderful experiences, some of you still fear rejection, disapproval, or feel you would be shunned or experience negative consequences from others if you went public with this information.

THANK GOD Annie had the courage to share these messages, write these books, and see that they were published. Please support her and us with your prayers that these messages get to our brothers and sisters, who will also be lifted up by these life-altering and life-sustaining messages.

Brenda Sorrentino
Mary Davis
50 Plymouth Drive
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034

I am discontinuing the Byrons Blue Sheet. Over the eight years we have been doing this I feel I have pretty much conveyed everything I can to help people physically prepare for the coming times. I hope you have enjoyed and benefited from the information, and I appreciate all the nice comments I have received about my articles.

Previous articles can be found on our Internet web page at:

Sincerely Byron

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