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December/January 2001/2002 Issue #61

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This is Annie's section

Dear Friends,

Ive been addressing Christmas cards, wishing I could send each of you a personal card. If you will ignore the fact that this doesnt have a beautiful picture or a catchy phrase, then this is my personal Christmas card to you. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Peace on Earth are just the beginning of what we pray for. Byron and I pray each of you receive blessings that astound, unexpected miracles, and more prosperity in the New Year than you ever imagined. We truly appreciate all your support and encouragement. Thank you!

Im learning to live in what I call the flow of good. The Brotherhood teach me with analogies. Last summer I had a short-term feeling of guilt about asking for too much. Its not something that happens often. During those days I didnt know what to pray for, because there were several issues I needed help withmoney being one of the concerns. The Brothers said, Annie, you are asking for the leaves of the tree of good, when what you really want is to ask for the sap that keeps the tree alive and well. When you are in the sap, which is living sustenance, then you will receive all kinds of good. We could say each leaf represents some good, like money, intelligence, wisdom, knowledge, and know how. If you ask only for money and receive it, you could lose it through neglect, unwise choices, stupidity, or lack of know how. When you are in the flow of life sustaining good, then you will have all things, not just money, or a single episode of good health. You will have good health, energy, money, know how, healing, love, joy, courage, wisdom, and all things that are God.

The more I thought about this idea, the more I knew I wanted to be in the free-flowing goodness of all that God is. That not only means spiritually, but in my earthly life, and in all parts of my being. I realize it requires me to stand firm in a belief of good. To believe that where God is, there is only good. That means I have to leave behind the belief in good and evil. Byron and I have had feast or famine during the last several years, and mostly famine. In order to get off the wheel of that cycle, I need to get into the constant awareness of goodwhich means that I need to stay attuned to all the good in my life and around me. I must concentrate on good, seek good, give good, and live a good lifenot as the world sees good, but with an inner good will toward life, people, and family.

I have been working on changing my belief from good and evil to a belief in only good. It isnt an easy thing to do. The belief in good and evil affects us in so many ways. Anything that causes us to think in opposites like dark and light is this belief. Once I asked about the dark forces. I was told they would only affect me as long as I believed in them. I asked about dark angels or beings. I was told by Jesus that they had their light turned down to low. He said they were using their dimmer switch and stumbled about in ignorance. This changing of a belief causes you to rethink what youve always thought you knew.

During times when our world seems filled with violence is when I feel its imperative that we hunker down and not give way to despair or doubts, but keep on believing in good. You see, the belief in good and evil says that death is evil. But Ive believed for years that death is just another part of life. Once Mother Mary said to me, You (meaning mankind) can kill the body, but you cant kill the soul, or the spirit. We can lose heart and lose our minds, but we cant lose our spirit. Its the most real part of us.

After I got over the shock of the events of September 11th, I told God I believe in peace and not war, that I was going to hold on to the idea that we can have peace on earth. I recalled the Bible verse that says something like this, Judge not according to appearances. What is needed is for more of us to hold good-will towards all of mankind, without judgment or finding fault. I decided to allow Gods Divine Justice to put an end to violence.

Holding good-will towards people who have hurt us may be difficult, but it will be worth it when we at last have peace in all parts of our world. I had an occasion recently to be faced with speaking to and being friendly to a couple who in the past abused two children whom I love very much. I had forgiven them totally, but I still had a violent reaction in my body. When I was going through a program at a facility in Dallas for incest recovery, they said, The last place the pain will leave is the body. They told us that our bodies hold memories and that we may find ourselves reacting to situations or people in a physical way. I did! I lost my lunch, literally. Through it all I kept affirming that I had forgiven them, that it was completed, and I had chosen to be complete with it.

I think now is when we can be of major assistance to ourselves, individually and to humanity, by persisting in believing in a God who is good, who loves, and who has set things up so that we dont have to worry about justicenot on a real level. I feel that as long as we persist in seeking peace, the people in those airplanes and buildings didnt die in vain.

The more of us that can reach a level of living in the constant and life-sustaining flow of Gods good, the faster we work through violence, pain, abuse and hatred, to peace and good-will.

Here is a visualization that Im using. First, I close my eyes, go within, and visualize transparent leaves floating down from heaven. Later I realized that God is in me, which means that the flow is inside me too. So now I see the shimmering, almost invisible leaves floating down over our property, but also see a fountain of sparkling fluid in which the leaves are sustained, overflowing from my solar plexus. It has helped in so many ways. I am finding more good coming to us in surprising ways. And it has also given me more energy and strength.

Well dear friends, I hope you have a most wonderful and prosperous 2002, and I hope we move closer to peace. But most of all, let us not get bogged down in despair or fear, but hold to the idea of good-will towards all men and peace on earth, not just for a day or two, but for eternity.

Until next time, I remain your friend,

Annie Kirkwood

This is Mother Mary's section

My dear children,

I come to you with hope and love. Hope, my children, is needed at this time. Hope when the world seems to be rocked with war and talk of war. Hope for peace, hope for good-will to come to all people. My love for each of you is great. My love flows to you daily, no matter your circumstances or situations. I love as God has taught me to love, without condition or limit. I know that many do not understand yet how God can love and tolerate war.

War is your creation, war is not in Gods make-up. He only loves. This then is your hope. That all people will come to understand how much God loves them and how tolerant and understanding God is. Then perhaps you will become more tolerant and much more understanding of the differences within mankind. Many see any difference as a bad occurrence. I say these differences are good. Like the garden, which has many kinds of flowers, so earth is a garden of different people. If all people were the same, you would be bored and life would be monotonous. When you can see the beauty in the differences among mankind, you are able to appreciate Gods wisdom. For God, in His wisdom, made the world and its people just as they are, with a myriad of differences, and myriad of likenesses.

My little children, hope is the anticipation of the good you have been praying for. Can you anticipate peace in the face of war? Can you anticipate love when around you it seems there is no love? Can you anticipate faith when your heart is filled with doubt? This is what hope means in your life. When you hope, you prepare yourself to receive what you have prayed for. How many of you have prayed for peace, yet try to catch each news release about war, concentrate on war, speak about war? You are adhered to your media for any word on the war and how it is going. What are you anticipating thenpeace or war?

Anticipate what you are praying for. This act of anticipation helps you keep your faith strong. Not only anticipate but prepare for peace. What will be your entertainment when there are no wars or thoughts of violence? Many of your entertainments today are based on violence, wars, rumors of war, danger and intrigue. Is this really what you want in your world? Begin to concentrate on stories that portray peaceful living, courageous and compassionate ways. Begin now to take your concentration away from war, violence, abuse or any of these kinds of stories, whether in print or through your media. Let your turning away say much in its silent voice. There is no need for demonstration, there is only a need to turn your back on war and the speaking of war, and to seek peace at all times.

Prepare for peace by using peaceful negotiations in family disputes, listening to opposing views with understanding and grace. Do all you can to rid your inner life of all strife and contention. Pride keeps many people stuck in family disputes, tribal or clan grudges, and it prevents you from becoming total peaceful.

If you pray for more love to come into the world, realize that all the love that is, is herebecause God is here. Where God is, love is in residence. All you need is to become more aware of the love that is already within you, around you, filling this world. How do you prepare for more love? You become more accepting, more appreciative of all the good in your life. Love is tolerant. Love is allowable, it allows each person to be themselves and not clones of each other. Love persists. Nothing can detour love when it is accepted; it will overcome obstacles and challenges. Love is here to stay; it will remain when all else fails. When you truly love, you will persist, you will find ways to cope with any and all circumstances. Love is enduring, lasting, quietly awaiting your acceptance of it. Love must come to you from within first, then you will have a heart filled with love to give away.

When you pray for health and speak of illness, you are not hoping for the answer you seek. Hope would have you plan for activities that will increase your health. Hope gives you the persistence to seek ways to heal, either physically, emotionally or mentally. Hope says, Yes! There is health for you. Keep on searching for it. And remember that in order to truly have health, your spirit must be nurtured through prayer and meditation.

Hope trusts that you will receive the answer or prayer you seek. It gives you not only trust but confidence in Gods ability to bring you good. Your hope is in God, in His goodness, love, strength and clarity. God is clear about His abilities. It is you who doubt; it is you who set up barriers to receive the answers to your prayers. Gods abilities are wondrous, magnificent, and always loving.

My little children, remember that God only works through you and not for you. He will help you maintain an attitude of hope. He will help you find peaceful ways to live your life. He will help you overcome addiction and put aside angers and hatreds. God will not do this for you, but He will help you accomplish your life goals. He will help you change from an angry person to a loving and understanding man or woman. He who created you is able and capable of doing all this for every person in the world, but His promise to humanity is that you will do it for yourselves. He will help, and never take away your ability to overcome, resolve, forgive, love, hope, trust, and accomplish. For in the doing, you become more; in the performance is the achievement.

At this time of the year when you celebrate the birth of Jesus, place your hope in the promise of his birth. At the time he was born, even the angels sang the promise of peace on earth and good-will towards men. This is the hope of the world. This is the promise, and each of you have a direct bearing on the outcome of the world. This is your world, a gift of God. You choose peace or war. Choose peace first in your inner life, then the outer will take care of itself. Choose to remain hopeful, preparing for peace in every area of your life. You do this by resolving old issues, especially family issues. You prepare for peace by finding peaceful ways to entertain yourselves and your children.

You can do this, my children. You are the hope of the world. You are the hope of the future of the world. You do this one at a time, every day, and in every part of your life. I am loving you so very much.

Mary, Mother of Jesus

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