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December/January 1997/98 Issue #37

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This is Annie's section

Dear Friends,

Can you believe another year is winding down? It seems just like yesterday that we were enjoying peach blossoms in our orchard. Today most of the leaves are gone and there are only a few colorful trees displaying their beauty. It's time to take notice, be thankful, and prepare for the Holidays.

It's usually at this time that we like to write letters of appreciation to each other. There is no one, outside of my immediate family that I appreciate more than you--our newsletter friends and supporters. You have written and called to share special tidbits, stories, poems and experiences. I've taken them to heart and read every letter. However, I've been very remiss in answering. The past two years has been a time to take care of me, as well as do "The Work." Because of health issues, like broken legs, ankles, and other snags, I've not been answering the mail. My goal for the New Year is to answer all the backlog of mail and keep up with the incoming mail as well. Recently a couple of our family/meditation members have come forth to help. I'm really grateful to Gwyn and Pam.

Now back to you and how you've helped through the past two years, when I couldn't seem to stop breaking legs. Your letters, calls and prayers have helped me tremendously. You've truly been friends, neighbors, and supporters. Your prayers, interest and love have blessed me more than you know. I'm grateful to God for you. My love and blessings are sent with this newsletter, along with my wishes for you and your family to have a wonderful Holiday Season. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Happy Hanukkah.

Since about September, I've been feeling very disconnected. Intellectually I know, I'm never separated from God. He is my breath, heartbeat, and life, so I can't be disconnected. But in my emotions and body, I feel the disconnection. At times it feels like I am floating in a huge void. A Colorado friend calls this "the dark night of the soul." I think that is a good description of what I sometimes feel. According to cliches, it's always darkest before the dawn. This cliche doesn't make me feel any better, but it has given me food for thought.

A few years ago when I was feeling this way and was quite concerned, I spoke to a friend about it and she reminded me that God created out of the Void...with His word. So maybe this is what is happening. It's time to re-create my life and myself, with my words. This condition may feel bad, until I take the judgment away and look at the truth of a void. When viewed as a process for creation, or for creating, then it can't be bad. Once again, I'm reminded to leave the judgment off and seek the blessing in every situation and experience.

When I sat down a few days ago to begin this letter, I couldn't think of a thing to write about. Today a newsletter subscriber/friend called and was experiencing the same void. She answered my prayer of what to write about. I'm told to be honest with you, even if it's something that I would prefer to keep quiet. Mother Mary said it's through the sharing of my experiences that I encourage you to keep seeking the truth. This is my intention with all of this. It certainly isn't to complain, as was suggested a couple of times by callers.

When I went within to ask, "What am I supposed to be doing now?"--I saw my art easel set up in the den. Yesterday I set it up. It had been packed away for over two years. I've also been receiving a poem, and later came a tune that goes with it. This has all been a puzzle to me. I couldn't understand why I was wanting to paint, although I've had the urge from time to time over the past two years. Tunes and words are something that happened when I was a young girl. If this is my second childhood, what fun!

Maybe it's just my creative juices beginning to flow again, after having been turned off, for whatever reason. I think it's also a time for reevaluation, and for re-creating. It's really important to keep reminding myself that I am never apart from God and His love. No matter what I am feeling, I am still breathing and living. I'm as connected when I feel the connection and experience phenomena, as when I don't feel it. My spirit rejoices that the outer feelings are not God's Truth, but mankind's truth. My soul exhales peace when I remember that God is with me, no matter what condition, situation, or experience I'm facing. I remember that I'm more than this body, and that's a lot when the body is rebelling, big time. I also recall that I'm more than my feelings, more than my thoughts, and more than my history, and more than my experiences. My life is a gift and I dedicate it to The Source of All That Is. And at times my spirit is free to run through the Universe and at times my spirit is tied to earth.

I'm trying very hard to focus on making a new plan, creating a new me. As my therapist keeps reminding me when I need to go through a painful memory, "Stay in the struggle." When I stay in the struggle, the condition or situation seems to evaporate, like a morning mist. It's my job to keep working this out for myself. And that's the truth! Each of us have to work things out for ourselves. No one else can do it for us. Sometimes we would like to find a guru or spiritual person who will take on our inner work. Or we pray for it to be wiped away as if by magic, but it doesn't work that way. Even the Buddha had to sit in deep contemplation and meditation for years in order to get "IT." He found what he was seeking inside of himself.

Over the past few months I've found myself singing songs that have "rejoice" as the theme. I guess I could say that being in the void is a time to rejoice, even if it feels terrible and lonely. I "can" make new choices and reevaluate and re-create my life according to my desires and wishes. All of us can, isn't that enough to rejoice over? We can begin again anytime we want, not only when we are in the void, but when we want to make a change. What a gift and blessing!

Once again, thank you for giving me this opportunity to work this out with you. This letter has given me the opportunity to put into words what has been in my heart for days and it helps it all become concrete in my mind. We love you and are aware how fortunate we are to have you in our life. Until next time I remain,

Annie Kirkwood

This is Mother Mary's section

My dear children,

I come to you in peace, with the request that you stay in peace. I ask that you believe in peace and live in peace. Let the song flow through you that rang out so long ago when I was blessed by becoming mother to Jesus. That night the angels sang, "Peace on earth, Goodwill to men." Let this be your song, your goal, and your prayer.

Believe in peace with your whole being. Believe in peace to the extent that you live your inner life in peace. Let your inner self become peaceful within your heart. Where there is any deterrent to peace--settle it, resolve it, forgive it. Let all your thoughts, all your motivations, be based on peace; with love filling your heart of hearts, you will be instrumental in realizing peace on earth. All the peace of God, that ever was, is here. For many, it is not in your lives, nor your hearts, and fails to be in your lives. It is important that you believe that peace is here. When you believe that peace is attainable, then you will find ways to live in peace. In your hearts, there is much to forgive and much to resolve. Whatever the deterrent to peace, understand that you have the capability to resolve, settle, and forgive. It is within your realm of possibilities to live in peace. You were created for peaceful living.

Make it your goal to live in inner peace and to extend that peace to your outer arena. Let your everyday events be peaceful. When there is conflict, settle the conflict with the awareness that peace is your goal. Peace is more important that your pride. Living in inner peace is how to leave a better world to your children and your loved ones. Seek to clear away the debris of fear, angers, and violence in your life. You teach more by example than with your words. This is true of your children and it is certainly true of your neighbors. Where there has been family wars, bring a peaceful solution. Where there has been inner conflict, turn to a peaceful settlement. Where there has been the ravages of inner turmoil, stay in prayer for forgiveness to bring peace. This is my request, it is my prayer that each of you learn to live in peace, to lead lives that are truly peaceful within and without.

During this time of celebration of Jesus' birth, I ask that you remember to love, as he did. I ask that you remember not to judge. I ask that you become still and listen to the voice of God. He tells you of ways to bring peace into your lives. For some of you it may mean healing an addiction or an old trauma. It may mean resolving old angers and making peace with your past. For others it may be in accepting life as it has been given to you. For most people it is in forgiving that you find peace.

Forgive yourselves foremost. Forgive the past; let the past stay buried. Too often you forgive the past and then resurrect it. Each time this happens you will need to begin the process of forgiving until it is no longer recalled in any manner. Forgive the world's people for all the wars taking place in this world. But the saddest wars in this world are family wars. So often family members fight each other. Many sit in churches trying to worship. I tell you as long as you hold one thing against a loved one, you cannot worship God in spirit and in truth. Take the opportunity this season gives you to resolve old family issues.

Forgive others; it is not your place to judge. Forgiveness will be not be needed when people cease judging each other. Forgiveness is the tool to bring peace to this world. Set aside your judgments. Do not acknowledge the differences in religions, people, or cultures. Instead acknowledge only the similarities between you and all people. Concentrate on the similarities, allowing open dialogue for accord.

My dear children, peace is more than setting aside differences, it is more than stopping wars, it is more than a cessation of vile speech. Peace comes from within, and until you have a peaceful heart, you cannot have peace. Too often people associate peace with no war, but peace is no inner war, no inner conflict, no inner deterrent to you loving yourself and others unconditionally. Peace is serenity. It is being serene in your mind, your heart, and in your body. It is reacting from this serenity and not from pain, anger, or fear. When your heart is filled with serenity, you will only react in peace. Serenity then is your goal to inner peace.

Once again I ask that you use the "Prayer of Serenity" as your guide. Accept the things you cannot change. One of the things you cannot change is each other. There is more inner conflict than warranted because people try to change each other. You want to dictate how your loved ones should live their lives. When in God's truth, each person is free to be themselves. Accept the things about yourself that cannot be changed. Stop the inner conflict over age, stature, culture, race, and all the other things you cannot change. When you see that the things you cannot change are not really that important, then you will have an easier time accepting them as truth. You are who you are, and no amount of wishing allows you to be someone else. Love yourself, honor who you are, accept yourself in your entirety. Be kind, compassionate, and determined to be serene. Then you forgive, accept, resolve, settle, and adjust to any condition or situation in your life that cannot be changed.

Have the courage to change the things you can. These things are certainly the issues of the heart, the obsessions of the mind, the addictions of the soul. Many of you have difficult issues to settle, much pain to heal, and terrible rages to resolve. Understand, my dear ones, that you can do this with God's help. He awaits your request for help in each situation. Listen to your inner guidance. He will guide you in the best way for you to become peaceful. Set aside your pride, look within, do your best. This is what you can do to become peaceful.

But most of all, know there is a difference in what can be changed and what cannot be changed. Pray for the wisdom to always know the difference. Seek to find the truth of your situation. Pray for others to find the truth of their situations. They will find ways to heal any condition. Wisdom is yours. Deep within you is the wisdom you seek. God placed deep within your heart of hearts all of His goodness. His love, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, peace, strength, courage, and His power are within you. Remember that Jesus said, "The kingdom of Heaven is within you." This is where to find your answers.

Pray for your world. Pray for the people involved in any warring situation. Pray for both sides in every altercation. Peace is not a national goal; it is worldwide goal. Pray for your enemies, as well as your friends. Pray for those who will not or cannot forgive you. It is more important to forgive than you to judge. I am praying that you live in peace and fulfill the song, "Peace on earth, Goodwill to men."

Mary, Mother of Jesus.

This is Byron's section

Preparing for a Severe Winter

First of all, we would like to wish Happy Holidays to all the readers of our newsletter, and those who have supported us in so many ways--thanks and Happy Holidays from the Kirkwoods.

In the December/January issue last year I wrote "Are You Prepared for a Cold Winter and Power Outages?" and the February/March 1996 issue was titled, "An Unscheduled Winter Preparedness Test" (these are both available on our Internet web page). Well here I go again, so if this is all old hat to you, I apologize in advance. However, after you read what Annie received, you may want to refresh your winter preparedness plans.

All indications are that we are in for a very hard, cold winter in many parts of the country (and elsewhere in the world). My country neighbor let me know that the squirrels started gathering nuts early this year, and that the leaves and deer started turning color early. And that the persimmons had spoons in them this year, instead of forks (he had to explain this one to me)--all telling him we were in for a severe winter.

And by now you've all heard about El Nino being the biggest ever, how the State of California has already had meetings to plan for the repercussions of El Nino. And Denver has already received something like 48" of snow in one weekend. Now to add to the information pool, here's what Annie received on Sept 12, 1997 (this is NOT from Mother Mary, but the Cosmic Consciousness):

"It seems like the big event for us personally is this coming winter Dec '97-Feb '98. Annie feels we are going to have a very cold winter where much of the central and eastern parts of the US will be frozen in (an Arctic blast), where the term "bitter cold" will be used and new low temperature records would be set in the northern central part of the US. Much of this would be due to ice storms, not just snowfall. It will get cold and stay cold, with lots of wind with the cold temperatures, and food shortages caused by trucks not being able to travel on roads. It will also cause problems for air travel."

"Cold fronts will also be happening on the other side of the world in Siberia and Northern China (North Korea, Japan). She also saw France, Germany (on national news because of the large amounts of snow), also Austria, Yugoslavia and that region, experiencing the same. It may snow in Jerusalem."

"While the freezing is happening in the central US, the east coast will experience snow falls of wet-heavy snow (PA, NJ). She sees Washington (DC) completely snowed in, the airports shut down for a couple of days, maybe several times during the winter. It may snow as far south as the Carolinas. Florida may get an ice storm that wipes out the fruit crops (part of this `bitter cold.')"

"Ironically the western part (Utah, New Mexico, California, etc) of the US will have a normal to mild winter, temperature-wise."

"For us in Oklahoma, she saw several ice storms where power was out for long periods of time (longer than normal). (She saw herself having to cook on the wood stove and lots of snow and ice.) Snow before the end of the year, but the big ice storms Jan to Feb timeframe. Might have an ice storm around New Year's Day."

"While this is happening in the Northern Hemisphere, she sees flooding and mudslides in the Southern Hemisphere. Australia will have floods (floods like we in the US had in 1995). The Andes will have mud-slides and whole villages wiped away. The Amazon will flood, as will other parts of Brazil. Brazil (and Columbia, Bolivia, Peru) will have epidemics due to hot and wet climate--a fungus or virus."

A few days after she received this information, our friend Ashton Pitre in Marble Falls, Texas called to report that he too felt we had a hard-cold winter in store for us. He sent me a copy of an article in the news stand periodical The Sun that said that the world's leading meteorologists had met at an international conference in Oslo, Norway, and determined that we were in for "A blast of icy air from the Arctic will shock the entire northern hemisphere with a blanket of snow and ice." The article went a lot further, but a lot of the information was similar to what Annie had received. (Note: the article was about Sept 14 and was written by Zeke Holiday and mentions that a Martin Agaura, a German meteorologist had decided to disclose the information.)

Shortly after this I was talking with one of my suppliers and he told me his daughter was a meteorologist and was also warning of a severe winter.

Now how do you prepare for a severe winter? Here's the basics--most of which is just common-sense stuff.

First, think about where you are likely to be when the weather starts to get bad. Possibly you may be at work, school, out of town, in the car between locations, or at home. Now monitor the weather reports on TV or radio. If a winter storm is forecast and you have to go to work or school, throw a blanket and some extra supplies into the back seat or trunk of your car. Hopefully, if you stay aware of impending winter weather, you will be able to get home before it gets too serious. So your main planning should be for what you need at home should it be so bad you can't leave the house. Or even if you made it to the store, that they are sold out and can't replenish their inventory for an unknown period of time until the trucks are running again. What would you want to have at home to handle a winter emergency?

The following is simple stuff everyone may already know, but consider it a review. Plan in this order: light, heat, water, food, and communications. Why light first and not heat? Many emergencies seem to start at night, especially during winter when darkness comes early. If your first warning is when the power goes off, you'll need light to get warm clothes and to start your heating source. So have a flashlight and/or other forms of light handy--these might include chemical lightsticks or breaklights, or the Dyna-Light flashlight that doesn't require batteries.

Next prepare for heat. Again, assume the utility power goes off. If you have a wood burning fire place you should have a good supply of wood handy (before the storm).

Put up an emergency supply of water. During severe winter storms pipes tend to freeze and utility water is interrupted. Or if you are on well water and the power goes off, you will have a similar problem.

Build up a supply of non-perishable food in your pantry for the winter. Most canned food will last for six months or so. Crackers, cereals and other dry foods are also good for short-term emergencies. Then if you have the resources you may want to purchase some long shelf-life food to be able to handle long-term emergencies.

Finally, keep a portable radio handy so you can find out what is going on, how long the storm is expected to last, and what the officials are advising in dealing with the emergency. The radios that can be powered by other sources than batteries or electricity are particularly good for this situation, including the solar/dynamo radios and the BayGen windup radios.

One final thought. If you are taking critical medications, you might try to have a somewhat longer than normal supply on hand.

My main objective in writing this is just to get you to thinking about how to prepare for a winter emergency and to be aware of what we may experience this winter.

Sincerely -- Byron

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